Full card set for Academy Showcase June 10! 【NJoA】

Academy trainees to show what they can do



The inaugural class of NJPW Academy looks to end on a high note as camp finishes strong with the first NJPW ACADEMY SHOWCASE on June 10 at the LA Dojo. Students look to show NJPW Academy is a pro-wrestling destination as they collide with their peers, coaches and other local talent.

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Main event: Trish Adora vs Johnnie Robbie

In the main event of the very first NJPW Academy Showcase, Trish Adora faces Johnnie Robbie in a STRONG Women’s Division match. With the creation of the STRONG Women’s Championship, there are now more opportunities for women than ever before and these two will be looking to make the most of this moment. Adora has been recently featured on Ring of Honor television and made her way out west to join NJPW Academy while Robbie has been blazing her trail on the West Coast independent scene since her debut in 2021 and will no doubt be the hometown favorite in this contest. Still, Adora can flex her recent Ring of Honor television appearances as well as an experience edge over the young upstart Robbie. What initially started off as a way for Academy attendees to impress and display what they’ve learned over the last 3 months, this match has evolved into an opportunity beyond anything they were prepared for as camp began. Who will stand tall at the end of the night and gain the edge in their journey in the NJPW STRONG Women’s Division?  

7th match: Kevin Knight & The DKC vs Matt Vandagriff & Cameron Gates

The two most recent graduates of the LA Dojo meet a very formidable up and coming SoCal duo in tag team action. The DKC is very familiar with both Vandagriff and Gates as all three are also graduates from the nearby Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, with DKC and Gates being former partners turned bitter enemies as of late. Knight is coming off losing his IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Championship at Dominion and looks to get back to his winning ways in his return to the States. There is no better way for these two Academy standouts to make an impression than to pick up a win over the LA Dojo on their home turf.

6th match: Mulligan & Kyraciaos J. Toumbas vs Calder McColl & James Tapia

Three of the four participants in this match traveled from the United Kingdom for this can’t-miss opportunity of training at the LA Dojo, while Tapia made the trek to California from Florida after a stop at the Nightmare Factory. Mulligan and Toumbas have prior tag team experience, but McColl and Tapia look to counter that with their toughness and individual talents as both teams look to end their camp with a victory.

5th match: Alec Bullsdale, Elliot Qrow, Langi & Phill Godfrey) vs El Primohenio Trebeca, Jordan Oasis, Red Williams & Alonzo Alvarez

8-man tag team action features one team of all NJPW Academy battling a team of local West Coast talent. Team NJPW Academy features size, strength & speed while the team of West Coast has the familiarity edge as all members have either previously wrestled against or teamed together. Bragging rights are on the line as Team NJPW Academy certainly wouldn’t want these outsiders besting them on their own showcase.

4th match: Dayton Cameron & Honest John vs J2 Mattioli & Michael Hopkins

Dayton Cameron is another standout from the beginner’s class and looks to leave an impression in this tag team contest. His partner, Honest John has been a constant attendee of LA Dojo camps and seminars and is seeking his own breakout moment at the showcase. J2 and Hopkins are longtime teammates from the San Diego area and hope to punch their ticket to more potential NJPW opportunities in this featured tag match.

3rd match: Samsara vs Mylo

Samsara’s wrestling journey leads her from her home of Austin, Texas to face Mylo in one-on-one action. Mylo is another west coast standout who has been given an opportunity to impress at the showcase.

2nd match: Rudy Lockhart vs Royce Isaacs

A standout in the beginner’s course, Lockhart journeyed from Nova Scotia, Canada to train at NJPW Academy. His determination led him to being asked to join the advanced class midway through the session and caught the attention of his coach Royce Isaacs. Isaacs was last seen in Philadelphia scoring a win over TMDK and looks to use this match against one of his top students as a tune-up before heading to Independence Day in Korakuen Hall.

1st match: Fred Rosser vs Buck Skynyr

The NJPW Academy Showcase kicks off with the former NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion and head coach Fred Rosser taking on The Lone Stranger, Buck Skynyr. A student of world famous Johnny Rodz, Skynyr left everything in Arkansas to take his shot at NJPW Academy. There’s no doubt that Mr. No Days Off sees something he likes in Skynyr and wants to get a closer look at him in this opening contest. Skynyr is looking to pick up a huge win and prove that even though he is a student, this will not be an easy night for Rosser.