Baby and Toddler Merch now on TOKON SHOP Global☆ 



Baby and Toddler Merch now on TOKON SHOP Global☆ 

Co-ordinate your family’s wardrobe with these cute new baby and toddler clothes! Whether you have a baby yourself or are looking for a present for a new parent, Tokon Shop Global has you covered! 


That’s not all! Use the coupon code “ForbiddenDoor2023” at Checkout to recieve 20% off a whole host of Tokon Shop Global original goods! Naturally, these new Baby and Toddler clothes are included in the sale 


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Coupon Code [ForbiddenDoor2023] 20%OFF Campaign info: 

June 12, 2023 23:00 – June 22, 2023 23:00 (PDT)

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Today’s new releases of baby merch! Sizes range from 3 months old to 2 years old. Each design comes in your choice of 6 different colours. 


Lion Mark LA Baby Romper 


LA DOJO Baby Romper 


NJPW STRONG Baby Romper 



The ever popular kids’ T-shirts are now available with the Lion Mark Los Angeles design! These are also available in adult sizes and baby rompers, so the whole family can get a matching look! 


Lion Mark LA Kids T-shirt 


We’re also releasing TMDK and Just 5 Guys versions as well! 


TDMK Kids T-shirt 


Just 5 Guys Kids T-shirt 


Check out our full range of Kids T-shirts here as well! 

Kids T-shirt collection 




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 Free shipping is available for all domestic orders over $200 and all international orders over $400!            

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