More matches set for Ryogoku October 9!

After the events of All Star Junior Festival and Multiverse United 2 this past weekend in Philadlephia, the cards for the Destruction series are now complete, and Ryogoku has had two more title bouts and special single match added to a loaded lineup!

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Hiromu Takahashi headed into the weekend looking to show off junior heavyweight wrestling at its best, and left with two contenders who know they can beat the Time Bomb hot on his heels. At All Star Junior Festival 2023, a wild main event saw Mike Bailey win the one night only ASJF tournament, besting Kevin Knight in the final. That, and a victory for the Speedball over Takahashi during Best of the Super Jr. this year, set up Bailey for a title shot, but X Division Champ Lio Rush had his own ideas.

At Multiverse United 2, Rush pinned Hiromu to win the night’s special tag team match. The X Division Champion pinning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion was news in itself, but now Rush has double gold in mind. The result- an action packed three way battle in Ryogoku!


From a debut to a return as The Intergalactic Jet Setters are back Ryogoku. There, they seek to challenge Clark Connors and Drilla Moloney. At ASJF 2023, Kevin Knight put an end to Connors’ hopes of winning the one night tournament, and now he and KUSHIDA have their eyes on the gold. Will the titles go back to the jet setters, or has BULLET CLUB War Dogs’ time with the titles only just begun?

Also, Ryogoku will see Tanga Loa taking on Chase Owens as a part of Guerilla of Destiny vs BULLET CLUB war. 
Tanga Loa ended the G1 tour with bringing a win to the G.o.D by pinning Chase Owens. But Chase is not happy with how he was pinned, and claimed a single match against him. Can Loa proves his win was not a fluke? Or will Chase be able to help David Finlay take down the G.o.D.?