NJPW’s Annual Cross Cultural Tradition Continues! Fantasticamania 2018 Roster Revealed!



NJPW’s Annual Cross Cultural Tradition Continues! Fantasticamania 2018 Roster Revealed!

Since 2011, New Japan and CMLL have teamed up to start the year with the best in lucha libre. The lineup for the eighth annual Fantasticamania (FM) has been revealed early, and it looks to be the biggest lucha festival yet, with 20 names announced. From Los Ingobernables original Rush, to last year’s breakout star Soberano Junior, to the legendary Negro Casas making a long awaited return to Japan, FM 2018 will start the year in style.

On the tecnicos side, the iconic Atlantis returns to Japan, along with the ‘Prince of Silver and Gold’, Mistico.

They will be joined by two athletes who have been very active in New Japan this year.

The Skywalker, Volador Junior, returns after proving explosive in this year’s Best of the Super Junior, while Dragon Lee, currently part of the Road to Power Struggle tour, will also be back.

Niebla Roja has undergone dramatic changes of late. Losing his mask, and converting from rudo to tecnico in the process, Roja will be back in a New Japan ring for the first time in four years. He’ll be joining his brother, Angel de Oro, as he too returns to Japan.

Soberano Junior made his Japanese debut at FM 2017, and fired up the crowd with his dazzling aerial attacks. Fuego is always fiery though, and his dance moves are sure to bring the crowds to their feet once again.

Two tecnicos will come to Japan for the first time for FM 2018. As you might expect from someone taking his name from the radio controlled helicopters, Drone is quite the highflier, but someone with a comical side. Star Junior is even more aptly named; a new star in the tecnico ranks. The red and blue masked youngster has teamed extensively with Soberano Junior of late.

Next, it’s an original member of Los Ingobernables, the ‘Ferocious White Bull’, Rush. How will he interact with the members of Los Ingobernables de Japon? Then there’s Negro Casas, the man that could justifiably be called the centerpiece of the rudos. Casas was active in New Japan’s junior heavyweight division through the 1990s, and now represents CMLL as a living legend.

Nobody needs telling that the boss of the CMLL rudos is the infamous Ultimo Guerrero. This year, he’s bringing his brother Gran Guerrero, and Los Guerreros Laguneros will look to tear things up in New Japan.

FM 2018 will also see the return of the ever popular ‘Unpredictable Caveman’ Barbaro Cavernario, and, of course, veteran Japanese rudo OKUMURA.

Four rudos will make their Japanese debut at FM 2018. Of the four, most eyes may be drawn to the tempestuous brotherly tag team, Sanson and Cuartero. As the Spanish in their names suggest, Sanson possesses superhuman strength, while Cuartero is a devious, backstabbing ‘Horse Rustler’. Together, they reign over the tag team ranks in Arena Coliseo. Despite their rudo status, the six feet tall brothers have amassed considerable popularity; and they don’t mind bragging about it. These two have notable pedigree as the sons of Mexican legend Cien Caras, and are sure to bring a new style to FM 2018.

Puma will also be coming to Japan for the first time. Normally teaming with another big cat in Tiger, Puma will be coming solo this time. Sporting a unique combination of mask and face paint, Puma carries the Casas bloodline from uncle Negro Casas and father El Felino. Finally, it’s the demented, disruptive Disturbio. This veteran rudo makes up for his small stature with a willingness to fight as dirty as they come.

CMLL’s iconic ring announcer Ivan Salguero will also make the trip to FM2018, lending his vocal talents to this lucha libre spectacular!

Fantasticamania 2018 participants




Volador Junior

Dragon Lee

Niebla Roja

Angel Del Oro

Soberano Junior



Star Junior


 ■Los Ingobernables




Ultimo Guerrero

Negro Casas

Gran Guerrero

Barbaro Cavernario







 ■Ring announcer