SANADA defeats Something at IMPACT’s Emergence 【NJoA】

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion scoops Canadian victory for IMPACT 

A featured match on IMPACT Wrestling’s Emergence pay per view event in Toronto on August 27 would see the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA competing in non title action against the recent IMPACT returnee and NJPW STRONG alum Jake Something. 

SANADA headed to the ring without the physical IWGP World Heavyweight title belt, currently in EVIL’s illegal possession after the events of the G1 Climax final a fortnight ago. Perhaps irritated at facing a belt less champion even without the prize on the line, Something overpowered SANADA early and sent the champion to the outside. The cagey champion would capitalise on an over eager contender though, and then tied Something in the ropes with a Paradise Lock. 

SANADA stayed on the advantage, but Something responded with a agility and power, escaping the champion’s clutches and clubbing SANADA down with a body attack and a hard right forearm. The champion would respond however with a side suplex and switched levels with dropkicks low and high before a plancha out to the floor.

Something’s power saw him try for a powerbomb, and then a big suplex out of Skull End, countered with the Magic Screw and a TKO for two. Something kicked out of a Moonsault as well, before spiking SANADA on his head as he countered a second attempt. As both reset, SANADA had the advantage in the standup and went for Deadfall; after Something blocked the move though, he was able to turn a tijeras into a brutal sit out powerbomb for a near fall.

Something wanted to finish SANADA with Into the Void, but was met with a Shining Wizard. Something had a big strike of his own as a receipt, and had designs on Into the Void again, but was countered into Deadfall for the three. A handshake of mutual respect capped off the match, as SANADA now shifts his focus on Destruction and regaining his world title property from EVIL.