Korakuen a HOUSE OF TORTURE on road to Destruction

Parade of dirty tactics see EVIL and SHO

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The main event of night one of Road to Destruction saw IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA and KOPW 2023 title holder Taichi head to the ring to face HOUSE OF TORTURE’s EVIL and SHO. The H.O.T side made their entrance with their ill gotten physical IWGP and KOPW title belts, and their rightful holders were enraged; SHO avoided Taichi’s wrath as long as possible before being hurled at high velocity into the guardrail.

With H.O.T on the back foot it was only a matter of time before foul play came into effect, and an exposed turnbuckle saw the match turn in their favour. A suplex from SANADA and Taichi was brought in, burying a hook kick to SHO, but after a misdirect of the referee, a spear followed. SANADA came back inside for a combination of strikes and a plancha; EVIL would be bounced between his foes, but Togo would ensure TAKA Michinoku was hurled into the world champion, Darkness Falls following for two.

The match passing the 15 minute mark, SANADA escaped EVIL’s attempt to finish the match, instead hitting a Shining Wizard. A Deadfall attempt would see EVIL pull the referee down, and from there the HOUSE OF TORTURE had a full demonstration of despicable tactics. A chair was flung into the face from Togo to SANADA and a parade of low blows and belt shots ended with EVIL pinning SANADA.

Post match, H.O.T continued their attacks on the champions, eventually beating a hasty retreat after first DOUKI and then Yoshinobu Kanemaru turned the numbers game against them. All the same, SANADA and Taichi left without their title belts, and distinctly on the back foot after night one of the Road to Destruction.