Taichi, SHO present KOPW plans ahead of Kobe September 24

Seconds will be handcuffed, or SHO will win in ten minutes in Kobe

A live ‘press conference’ stream on Taichi’s YouTube channel September 13 saw Taichi and SHO present their proposed rules for the KOPW 2023 matchup September 24 in Kobe. 

Despite Taichi’s offer to SHO to earn SuperChat payments on the stream, the challenger was late to proceedings, Taichi taking the free time to propose his ruleset. 

‘I thought about banning HOUSE OF TORTURE from ringside,’ Taichi mused, ‘but they’ll just find a way in there anyway. So serves them right. We’ll have them there and make sure no matter how much they’ll squirm there’s nothing they can do’. 

Taichi’s rules

Seconds handcuffed match

No time limit

HOUSE OF TORTURE and Just 5 Guys members will be handcuffed to one another:

EVIL to SANADA, DOUKI to Yujiro Takahashi, TAKA Michinoku to Dick Togo

If either participant breaks free of their handcuffs, the match will be deemed a no contest.

SHO finally did make his appearance, promising ‘rules are rules, and the rules of pro-wrestling are sacred!’ Though SHO was quick to assert his ruleset, Taichi would notice small print, and pressured for clarification.  

SHO’s rules

10 minute guaranteed decision*†‡ match

*If the time limit elapses, SHO is declared the winner

†Taichi is banned from using the Black Mephisto

‡SHO retains the right to add other rules on account of the weight difference between he and Taichi, or as circumstances demand.

The Murder Machine was quick to make an exit in the face of a rightly angered Taichi, ending the press conference in short order. 

Fans will vote for either of the two stipulations starting Thursday September 14 at 10AM JST for a 72 hour period.