‘Ichiban Sweet Boys’ take Sydney win at TAMASHII

Fujita and Eagles off to a strong tag team start

As Kosei Fujita’s world tour continues, he and Robbie Eagles are off to a strong start as a tag team, marking new beginnings, and a new team name as the ‘Ichiban Sweet Boys’ with a win over the Natural Classics Tome and Stevie Fillip at TAMASHII in Sydney on September 15. A 17 minute 36 second main event ended with Eagles tapping out Stevie Fillip, as a rabid crowd roared at the new combination taking out one of Australia’s most established teams, not to mention the newest members of BULLET CLUB’s Rogue Army. 

Post match, Eagles thanked the Fillips, but said they were ‘just the beginning’ as he and Fujita pledged to run through every duo that Australia had to offer. Fujita stated that the team was ‘only thinking of winning’, and that he and Eagles were headed straight for the top. 

A difficult end for the Rogue Army was balanced by strong performances elsewhere on the card. A clash of singles powerhouses, Caveman Ugg picked up the win over the huge Malcolm Phlex with a Fire Thunder Driver. 

Meanwhile Jack Bonza and Bad Luck Fale picked up an impressive tag team victory over the Joker and the Thief pairing of Jimmy Townsend and Mick Moretti, a freestyle bow and arrow hold ending the night and furthering speculation- might Bonza and Fale have designs on World Tag League late in the year? 

The New Zealand Dojo representatives on TAMASHII were successful on the night, Richard Mulu, Mark Tui and Jake Taylor picking up a win over local talents Backman, Michael Spencer and Aaron Jake. Andrew Villalobos and Shep Alexander also scored a win over The Tuckman and Jordan Allan Wright.

One of Australia’s most promising and popular junior heavyweight tag teams, the Velocities, Jude London and Paris De Silva were successful over Trent Hooper and Tyler Illes with the Excommunicado. 

Meanwhile, TAMASHII continued to showcase promising female talent, as Cherry Stephens picked up the win with the Kawaii Knee over Kyla Knight and her partner Charli Evans. 

photography by CN Media