Strong Style take lead in Best of Seven Series

Strong Style lead series 1-0-1 after two matches

The semi main event September 17 in Fukuoka saw the second clash in the Best of Seven Series between Yuji Nagata, Shota Umino and Master Wato and Strong Style’s El Desperado, Minoru Suzuki and Ren Narita. 

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The junior heavyweights would start the match, Wato and Desperado locking up with Wato looking to get quick and Desperado frustrating his foe as he took a time out on the floor. That brought Narita and Umino in for a typically aggressive exchange, won by Narita with a high neckbreaker drop. Pushing Umino into the corner, Narita kept up the pressure, but the Roughneck withstood and fired back with a dropkick; Nagata joined the fray and the match quickly spilled outside while legal man Narita was brought into the wrong corner and kept there. 

After a spinning heel kick from Narita, Suzuki tagged in to tangle with old enemy Nagata. Brutal blows were exchanged before a snap exploder scored for Blue Justice, still Suzuki’s pride didn’t allow him to take the punishment. As Desperado and Wato tagged in legally, Suzuki still fumed and tried to choke out Nagata to the exasperation of the referee; still the match continued with the juniors dealing heavy strikes.

Wato uncorked a springboard uppercut and rolled Desperado into Vendeval at the ten minute mark, and followed up after his masked foe escaped with Recientemente. As Strong Style broke up the pin, Desperado took advantage o0f the confusion, dropping Wato with a spinebuster and converting into Numero Dos; Wato would escape and the masked man went for Pinche Loco, landing the move as Suzuki choked out Nagata and giving Strong Style the first win of the series. The third match in the series takes place September 25 at a non televised live event in Nagoya.