Naito confirms Dome main event with Cobb win

Naito puts contract on line and backs it up 

The semi main event of Destruction in Kobe on September 24 saw Tetsuya Naito put his Tokyo Dome main event status for Wrestle Kingdom 18 on the line against Jeff Cobb.

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Tetsuya Naito spitting in Jeff Cobb’s face set the tone in the opening moments, Naito forgoing his usual taunting to hit a basement dropkick. Looking for the tornado DDT early, Naito instead found himself stopped mid-move by Cobb’s otherworldly strength, the United Empire man hurling his opponent with a big belly to belly suplex. Cobb proceeded to unleash a barrage of lariats in the corner, the 280lb man then effortlessly hitting the three piece combo in mockery of Naito. A tortuous bear hug continued to weaken Naito, but the standing moonsault attempt was avoided and the playing field levelled.

Naito moving quickly he gained the advantage, rapid-offence culminating in his own three piece combo and neckbreaker. Cobb was able to fire back though, a sensational standing dropkick forcing Naito to the mat before stunning the crowd by suplexing El Ingobernable from the apron up and back into the ring; immediately following up with a standing moonsault, the Imperial Unit almost captured the win.

With Cobb dazed on the top rope Naito dazzled with a death-defying frankensteiner. Esperanza straight after had Naito primed to hit Destino but Cobb’s strength once again proved too much, turning Destino into the spin cycle before launching Naito in the stratosphere with the F-5000. A brutal poison-rana spiked Cobb and successive roll-up attempts almost earned victory for Naito, but Cobb fired back with a lethal German suplex and lariat. Tour of the Islands imminent, Naito was able to spin out to counter with Destino; a second Destino immediately after earning the three count and securing Naito’s spot in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 18.