Shingo Takagi defeats a game Great-O-Khan in Kobe

Dragon defeats Dominator in Kobe

After much made by Great-O-Khan of his singles clash with Shingo Takagi on September 24 in Kobe, the United Empire member has some difficult questions in front of him after a crushing loss to LIJ’s Dragon. 

Watch the replay now!

Forgoing the bell, the incensed O-Khan took Shingo down and laid in a series of ferocious forearms. The match officially underway the action immediately headed to the outside, O-Khan viciously attacking with a steel chair. Returning to the ring, the Dominator continued to wear Shingo down, locking in a submission before boldly offering Shingo to unleash his best shots; Great-O-Khan withstood the damage temporarily, only to find himself victim to a death valley driver. The opening allowed Shigno to find his footing in the match, the Ryu-kon combination and vertical suplex earning a two count. A Saito suplex from Shingo was met by a big boot from O-Khan; inevitably Shingo would win the exchange with Made In Japan, but the United Empire member kicked out at two.

Standing lariats from Shingo weakened O-Khan further, but Grapple Fate O-Khan gave the United Empire man time to recover and fire back with a lariat and huge Hercules Cutter. Another thunderous standing lariat from Great-O-Khan saw the Kobe crowd explode, and a quick-thinking Eliminator forced Shingo to dig deep to kick out before the three count. The claw draining the life from Shingo, O-Khan sought a second Eliminator but it was foiled by a fantastic mid-air DDT counter.

Both men back on their feet they met in the middle of the ring to exchange fiery forearms, a straight right-hand from O-Khan sending Shingo plummeting to the mat. But the Dragon roared still, a basement forearm and echoing Pumping Bomber providing the opportunity to deliver Last of the Dragon and pick up the win.