Bishamon retain IWGP Tag gold after stunning YOSHI-HASHI effort

Goto, YOSHI-HASHI victorious after Kobe tag collision

An IWGP Tag team Championship match September 24 at Destruction in Kobe saw Mikey Nicholls and birthday boy Shane Haste of TMDK challenge Bishamon, YOSHI-HASHI and Hirooki Goto.

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YOSHI-HASHI and Mikey Nicholls started the action, YOSHI-HASHI gaining the early advantage as tags were made on both sides and Hirooki Goto suplexed Nicholls onto the prone Shane Haste. The beating of the war drums across Haste’s back followed, but Nicholls ring smarts from the outside levelled the playing field and left Goto isolated. A thunderous Nicholls chop and quick tags saw TMDK control the match, Haste lethally kicking through Goto’s shoulder and executing a half-hatch suplex. 

Goto finally fought back, able to land a lariat on both challengers and follow up with a slick spinning heel kick in the corner and dual bulldogs. The tag to YOSHI-HASHI had him continuing Goto’s momentum, flying over the top rope with a sensational topé to squash TMDK and land a headhunter from the top rope back for a near fall. As Bishamon looked to hit tag team offence though, Haste was able to retaliate, launching the champions with big suplexes. It was time for TMDK to show off their creativity, Haste launching YOSHI-HASHI off the top rope with a suplex as Nicholls assisted with a powerbomb to add extra impact, Goto forced to break up the pin.

High and low lariats kept TMDK in the driver’s seat, a deadly backdrop neckbreaker combination once again forcing Goto to make the save. Looking to remove Goto from the equation, TMDK delivered Tank Buster and YOSHI-HASHI was left vulnerable. Highway to Hell looked to have new champions crowned, but resilient as ever YOSHI-HASHI refused to quit. As Haste headed to the top rope to end proceedings with Tank Buster Goto played interference by hanging onto his leg, allowing YOSHI-HASHI to catch Nicholls unaware and deliver a crushing Easy Pickings Crucifix Bomb to earn the three count and retain the IWGP Tag Team Championships.