Kickoff to October 9 sees Destruction enter “Frontier Zone”

Kickoff to start at 4:30PM local time

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A special kickoff match at Ryogoku on Monday 9 will see guests from outside NJPW given a big opportunity in what’s being dubbed the ‘Frontier Zone’. 

Presenting matchups one might not usually see at a NJPW event, the Frontier Zone debuts with YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, YOH, Tiger Mask and Ryusuke Taguchi facing Eagle Pro’s Takahiro Katori, independents Jyun Masaoka and Kengo and DDT Pro representatives Takeshi Masada and Kazuma Sumi. 

Katori and Kengo may be familiar to fans who watched the NJPW STRONG Independence Day events as the two prospects made their debut in the cerulean, and intrigued with some unique sensibilities. Katori has been a rival of Masaoka’s in the FREEDOMS promotion, but the two have to be on the same page as one another and their DDT comrades tonight. Masada and Sumi are both young and gradually rising stars within the DDT system, and will have much to show in Ryogoku.