Gates of Agony join HOUSE OF TORTURE?

World Tag League kicked off on November 29 with Gates of Agony, Toa Liona and Bishop Kaun teaming with Yuto Nakashima against HOUSE OF TORTURE’s EVIL, Yujiro Takahashi and SHO. The bout, a preview of Friday’s tag bout between Gates of Agony and HOUSE OF TORTURE saw Dick Togo involved as ever, and scooting quickly away from Liona and Kaun when caught in the act. Yet it was after the match, won by SHO over Nakashima with Snakebite that saw a real surprise. 

Watch the replay now!

Togo would apologise to his opponents before a handshake was offered, and accepted. EVIL went as far as offering a HOUSE OF TORTURE World Tag League Tshirt to the Gates of Agony, who took and wore the shirts to the back. 

Backstage, Kaun alluded to comments made the night before- ‘You think you know whose house it is- but you’ve gotta go through the gates first’. Kaun said ‘we never said whose house it was. It was the HOUSE OF TORTURE. You want to get in the house, you’ve got to go through the gates first.’

Just what does that mean for these two teams as they meet December 1 in Wakayama?