Steel cage, Danielson Sabre official for Osaka!

Dream matches and nightmare fights in EDION



February 11 will see New Beginning in Osaka. The New Beginning event could, potentially see the end for one of two teams in the main event in the first cage match in NJPW proper for two decades, while Zack Sabre Jr and Bryan Danielson will collide on Japanese soil for the first time. 


Main eventing in Osaka will be the first steel cage match on a main NJPW card for 20 years, and the first ever five on five steel cage match for New Japan. After a bloody brawl exploded at New Year Dash in Sumida January 5, Will Ospreay declared that New Beginning in Osaka would be his last match as a full time NJPW wrestler, and that he wanted to settle things between United Empire and BULLET CLUB War Dogs. Ospreay allowed FInlay to determine the rules for this bout, and the IWGP Global Champion came up with ‘no rules, no DQ, no way out, no escape’- a steel cage match. Quite how this match will play out is unknown, but violence and bloodshed is a guarantee, as is an unforgettable end to a violent feud. 

A technical wrestling dream match taking place in Japan for the first time ever will pit Bryan Danielson against Zack Sabre Jr. After ZSJ seemed to take Danielson’s mantle as the best technical wrestler in the world, a long overdue singles reunion between the two took place last September at AEW’s Wrestle Dream card. Yet although the American Dragon was successful that night, he picked up victory with a knockout blow in the form of the Busaiku Knee. Sabre has maintained that Danielson is unable to tap him out, and has insisted he will be the one to do so in Osaka. Just who can finally lay sole claim to the world’s best technician?

The IWGP Tag team Championships will be on the line when Hikuleo and El Phantasmo defend against BULLET CLUB’s Chase Owens and KENTA. ELP and Hikuleo already had a tough schedule set for them as champions, with unfinished business from Texas last November- a backstage attack from Alex Coughlin and Clark Connors- to deal with in San Jose. Then on January 5, Chase Owens made a daring attack on both men to issue a challenge on behalf of he and KENTA. KENTA and Owens were key figures in El Phantasmo’s downfall in BULLET CLUB, his planned coup d’état of the faction collapsing at their collusions. Will there be closure for GoD here, or could both sets of tag gold be back in BULLET CLUB hands by the end of the New Beginning series?

Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tomohiro Ishii will defend the NEVER Openweight 6 Man Championships against TMDK’s Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls and Kosei Fujita. After a Tankbuster to Ishii brought TMDK a huge win at New Year Dash, Fujita threw the gauntlet down to Kazucghika Okada in particular. The Rainmaker did not take kindly to being challenged by the youngest of the Young Punks, but the title match is set to go ahead. Last time NJPW hit the EDION Arena in November, Haste, Nicholls and Zack Sabre Jr were turned away by the champions, but could this be the night a stunning title reign ends for the champs?

All this and more is set to hit Osaka on February 11, LIVE IN ENGLISH on NJPW World!