Card set for Lion’s Gate Project 13 on 6/13! Shota Umino’s first singles main event against Ayato Yoshida!



Card set for Lion’s Gate Project 13 on 6/13! Shota Umino’s first singles main event against Ayato Yoshida!

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The next Lion’s Gate show will take place on June 13, from its home in Shinjuku FACE. 


Heading up the card is Shota Umino taking on Ayato Yoshida in Umino’s first singles main event. Back in April, Umino was top of the card for the first time when he tagged with Yuji Nagata. In that match, Umino would take the fall at the hands of the K-DOJO prospect. Now the Young Lion seeks a measure of revenge. Could he score a win in perhaps his biggest match to date? For the brash Yoshida, pride in his experience advantage will mean he won’t want to lose to Umino. With Yoshida still stinging from his hard fought loss to Yuji Nagata on May’s Lion’s Gate 12, he might not be in the best of moods in Shinjuku FACE this June.


Last time at Lion’s Gate, Tomoyuki Oka lost a tough singles match with Manabu Nakanishi. In June, he’s with Nagata in the semi main. It’s a real battle of teacher and student; can Oka step up and show Nagata-senpai how far he’s come?


Back in September 2016, Toa Henare made his NJPW debut against Quiet Storm on a Lion’s Gate show. Now Henare is back in Shinjuku FACE. Fresh off battling Tomohiro Ishii in the last New Japan tour, Henare will team with Manabu Nakanishi to take on the combination of Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Dinosaur Takuma. Tenzan and Dinosaur have teamed up before on Lion’s Gate shows; will their chemistry and animalistic brutality score them a win? 


In the second match of the night, hot Young Lion prospect Ren Narita takes on ASUKA PROJECT’s Shunsuke Sayama. Sayama is appearing in Lion’s Gate for the first time, but isn’t someone to take lightly. With an MMA background and fighting experience in PANCRASE, he’ll be more than a match for the amateur wrestling based Narita. 


Opening up the night is Yota Tsuji vs Yuuya Uemura. These two new Young Lions have clashed repeatedly, each time ending in a time limit draw. Both hungry Dojo prospects are eager for their first win, and that taste of glory could come for one of them on June 13. 


You’ll be able to catch all the action from Lion’s Gate Project 13 on NJPW World!


Shunsuke Sayama profile


Height: 173 cm (5’ 9’’)

Weight: 85kg (187lbs)

From: Kanagawa

Debut: May 3, 2017

Signature move: Bodyslam