Dominion Card set for June 9! Naito v Jericho, Okada v Omega make a double main event! Six title matches! Rey Mysterio in action for the first time in NJPW!



Dominion Card set for June 9! Naito v Jericho, Okada v Omega make a double main event! Six title matches! Rey Mysterio in action for the first time in NJPW!

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It’s now official: the two matches at the top of the card for Dominion June 9 are so huge they’ve been designated a double main event. The second of these two epic encounters is Okada/Omega IV. For the first time in NJPW, this is a two out of three falls match with no time limit. There must be a winner in a bout that will be the talk of the entire wrestling world.

Speaking of conversation, a lot has surrounded Chris Jericho and Tetsuya Naito’s match for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, now designated ‘Double Main Event 1’. Much of that talk has come from the challenger to Naito’s title. Jericho has sent multiple video messages to Naito, stating that he will take El Ingobernable’s freshly won championship. But after a message interrupted proceedings in Korakuen Hall June 4, Naito vowed to ‘shut Jericho up’ in Osaka Jo Hall. Naito personifies ‘charisma without borders’. Jericho is a certified global superstar. Who will come out on top?

After overcoming Taiji Ishimori in an instant classic to become Best of the Super Juniors, Hiromu Takahashi has earned the right to challenge IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay at Dominion. This is their third singles meeting, but the record currently stands at 2-0 Ospreay. This February in Osaka, and during a BOSJ group match in May 2017, Ospreay came out on top after an Os Cutter. Now, Ospreay has evolved his finisher into the Stormbreaker, but Hiromu has upped his game, too. With the triangle submission hold named simply ‘D’, the Ticking Time Bomb managed to clinch win after win before felling Ishimori, who had himself beaten Ospreay on the BOSJ opening night. Now, it’s the reckless Hiromu against the fearless Ospreay, and both will push themselves and each other to the limit.

A very special six man tag match in Osaka Jo Hall will see a legendary team of Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jyushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio take on Marty Scurll, Hangman Page and Cody. It was at Korakuen Hall on June 4 that Scurll assaulted Tanahashi with his umbrella, and placed him in the Crossface Chickenwing. This enraged Liger, who was announcing at ringside. Making the save for Tanahashi, Liger bellowed that he and Tanahashi would ‘bring Mysterio. You, Scurll, bring whoever you want!’. Scurll has had Mysterio on his mind since Strong Style Evolved in LA this past March. Now he takes Bullet Club’s ‘Team Cody’ to take on what can only be considered a true dream team of icons.

In another Dominion title match, EVIL and SANADA defend the IWGP Tag Team Championships against the Young Bucks. EVIL and SANADA have proved to be dominant and popular champions not just in Japan, but the US and U.K. through the first half of 2018. But the freshly heavyweight Young Bucks have a strong claim to being the best tag team in the world. Now Matt and Nick Jackson could be the first team since Tetsuya Naito and Yujiro Takahashi (as No Limit) to win both junior and heavyweight tag gold.

Hirooki Goto will defend his NEVER Openweight Championship in a three way at Dominion as he faces Michael Elgin and Taichi. Taichi used the June 4 Korakuen show to make a violent statement at Goto’s expense, assaulting him with a steel chair and the NEVER title belt. Goto will be thirsting for vengeance, and Big Mike will definitely have something powerful to add to the equation.

CHAOS will face Suzuki Gun in a pair of matches on June 9. Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Junior will take on Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano. Suzuki and Ishii seemed ready to tear each other apart on June 4 at Korakuen, and this could lead to an explosive clash in Osaka Jo.

David Finlay and Juice Robinson will team up to face Jay White and YOSHI-HASHI. Juice has shown interest in White’s IWGP US Championship of late, and now partners with Jay’s former best friend (and now sworn enemy) David Finlay. Can Finlay finally exact revenge for White’s dastardly actions? Can Juice lay claim to the US title?

Finally, in the opening match the CHAOS duo of SHO and YOH, Roppongi 3K challenge Suzuki Gun’s Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado for the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championships. Kanemaru and Desperado won their titles from RPG3K back in March, and SHO would take a Pinche Loco from Desperado to lose the subsequent rematch. Yet SHO and YOH had breakthrough campaigns in the Best of the Super Juniors, and are on strong form. Desperado for his part remained bullish in the face of the new challengers, saying ‘you think you guys are ok on your own? Two of you together only add up to half a man!’ Could RPG 3K reclaim tag gold? Or will the devious Suzuki Gun combo retain? It’s an explosive start to what’s sure to be a phenomenal show.

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