New Merchandise line up for the G1 Climax!



New Merchandise line up for the G1 Climax!

Kazuchika Okada‘Together’ Colorful Tee
Out with your family? Or a loved one? Or just your pals? Live it up like Okada and Gedo all together with this colorful design!

Hirooki Goto ‘510’ Tee
Goto’s new tee design is here in white! The fierce warrior spirit is strong in this one!

Toru Yano ‘Vitruvian’ Tee
The Vitruvian man.The very model of how to draw the human form. Artistic genius. Toru Yano. The very model of the human form. Genius embodied. It’s an obvious fit, really.

Tomohiro Ishii ‘Cage’ Tee
Ishii’s new tee shows an enraged pitbull bursting through its cage; an appropriate summation of what it’s like to be opposite Ishii when the bell rings.


Gedo ‘Together’ colorful Tee
Whether with your pals, a loved one or your family, live it up like Okada and Gedo together with this colorful design.


G1 Climax 28 Commemorative Large Tote Bag
Carry the G1 Climax with you! This gold printed tote proudly carries the G1 28 branding!


Bullet Club Zebra Clutch Pencil
Swap bullet lead for pencil lead with this collaboration from world class manufacturers Zebra.

Bullet Club Polo Shirt (Left Breast Print)
A half print polo shirt from Bullet Club!


Bullet Club Polo Shirt (Double Breasted Print)
A double print polo shirt from Bullet Club!


Hiroshi Tanahashi X Edwin ‘Ace Age’ V Neck Pocket Tee
This new collaboration with Edwin is a V neck pocket tee featuring Tanahashi’s silhouette.


Gedo X Edwin Crew Neck Pocket Tee
This Edwin collaboration nearly blends Gedo’s bearded visage into the crew neck tee’s pocket.


Tomoaki Honma ‘Honmania Returns’ Tee
This special tee commemorating Honma’s return from injury is now on sale!