Explosive Kenny Omega interview: No one here comes close to what I can do!



Explosive Kenny Omega interview: No one here comes close to what I can do!

In two weeks-time we will have the 4th big NJPW event in the USA and the 3rd Kenny Omega main event. In advance of the upcoming Long Beach event on the 30th September, we sat down with Kenny Omega and he told exactly what he thought!



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Interviewer: What were your impression on the recent success you had in your recent Chicago event?

Kenny Omega: I mean if I’m going to be honest it was the most energetic crowd I’ve been in front of for maybe my entire career and there were times when I look back and I’ll be proud of my performance but this is a case when I love the entire crowd and I loved the entire show we changed the face of professional wrestling with that show and I was proud to do it as a member of the elite. We did something else no one else could do.


IN: Your opponent, Pentagon Junior was a great wrestler, wasn’t he?

KO: And that was kinda the beauty of the show that there are these we would call them diamonds in the rough where there are there talented people these stars waiting to be discovered and he’s one of them and we are happy to show that he can be not only famous in Mexico but also be famous in America, but he could be famous all over the world of course it was just a special match, but we gave a performance of even an IWGP champion defense.

IN: I was also really surprised by the appearance of Chris Jericho

KO: It’s one of those situations where there was no story, what was the meaning? It’s one of those situations where he can’t let it go. He wants his revenge. He wants to be the winner. He somehow feels as if he is above me. But what I want him to remember that he has a responsibility as Intercontinental champion. So, we’re in different worlds but I get the feeling that somehow, somewhere we’ll meet again and of course in a tag format that will be on the Jericho cruise.

IN: Next, I would like to ask about the NJPW US shows. Until now, you have fought twice in Long Beach, at the Walter Pyramid, and four times at the Cow Palace and what’s more, you have been in three main events. Do you think the US fans are developing a certain expectation of the Kenny Omega brand?

KO: The thing is, I know that New Japan at that time, they don’t want to have to use me as their main event star, as their number one of course they don’t, look at the way they pushed Tanahashi. They still call that old f**ker the Ace. He’ll still appear on TV, he has a movie in Japan, it’s embarrassing. Absolutely f**king embarrassing. But they do understand, hey guess what this is a business, we need money and the American fans aren’t stupid. They understand what a good match is. They understand who is able to give the best matches. I’m not here to cash in checks, I’m not here for money, I’m not here to do the classic style and the way wrestling is supposed to be. I’m the greatest f**king showman, I’m the greatest showman in professional wrestling, maybe of all f**king time, so they have no choice but to put me in the main event they don’t give a f**k about me, I know they don’t give a f**k about me as a person, and I know. There was one match where I wasn’t the main event, but I still remember that match I had before, in the semi versus Michael Elgin, that was still the best bout and guess what even if I’m not the main event, I’m still gonna have the best bout because no one here comes close to what I can do.


IN: Last year’s US heavyweight title win in Long Beach and tournament final match (against Ishii Tomohiro) was a brutal match, but did you feel that you are “at the cutting edge of NJPW?”

KO: Yeah, I mean I was able to show my own, original style and Ishii was able to show his evolved strong style, I don’t feel like… We called the event Strong Style Evolved. I don’t feel like my style is strong style evolved, I feel like my style is pro wrestling evolved. Kenny Omega style is Kenny Omega style, but if you wanna say Strong Style evolved, I think that’s an Ishii.

IN: Do you think it made a difference that your opponent in that match was Tomohiro Ishii?

KO: In a matter of years, we’re already up to Ishii 5. People don’t think of it this way but we’re kinda rivals and I think right now we’re 2-2.
(※Note: This match took place before the match on September 15th in Hiroshima)

IN: Kenny, after grabbing the mic after this match, you gave an emotional message to the fans, different from your usual style in Japan. Do you feel it was different from your usual post-match promos?

KO: I feel like of course I can speak Japanese a little but these deep feelings I have in my heart, I can only really express them in English and being an outsider in Japan for so long, being alone for so long in a foreign country I understand the importance of spreading that message of how to battle the feeling of loneliness that feeling that you’re not good enough that feeling that someone will always be put above you. That’s new Japan, that’s everywhere in Japan, people still put Tanahashi above me. People still put Okada above me. So I wanted to use that as my platform to spread that message there are things that we cannot fight we cannot fight certain politics. But that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting because you can still spread your message and you can still make a difference.


IN: Next, at the Walter Pyramid show this year, the card called Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi vs. The Young Bucks has been announced. What do you think about these four people fighting the main event?

KO: It was emotional, when we wrestle, the young bucks, Ibushi and myself, we are really trying to change the wrestling world. This is something means something to us, deep in our hearts. I look around the wrestling world; New Japan, everywhere, everyone’s just a fan of wrestling they’re just happy to be in the ring. They’re not trying to change anything they’re already living a dream, but the four of us we see something more for wrestling so for us to that match was very emotional for us.

IN: During this match the fans chanted “NEW JAPAN! NEW JAPAN!” In response to that call, Tanahashi and KUSHIDA have said that they felt that it was wrong for people to get the impression that this is a match representing New Japan Pro Wrestling. What’s your response?

KO: Here’s the thing, Tanahashi has this idea that wrestling has to be a certain way. There are borders that you shouldn’t cross. Wrestling should be wrestling, there’s a “classic” way. But the thing is when I watch a Tanahashi match, I feel nothing. When I show a Tanahashi match to my friends, to my father to my fans; they are f**king bored. But when I show some of my matches, they feel something in their hearts, it makes them think about something. When a Tanahashi match ends, you’ve already f**king forgotten it. I wanted matches that stay with me forever, more than 24 hours, more than one week. Why they f**k do you think they call me the best bout machine?! It’s not because I’m the greatest athlete in wrestling. Because I can create emotion and I can create a memory and because Tanahashi could never f**king do that. Really Tanahashi belongs in the WWE. He can be the next Roman Reigns. So, don’t think for a second that’s new Japan style. What Tanahashi should do is f**king thank me because you actually think a Tanahashi main event could ever go to America? You never could. You can go to America once, because it’s an interesting name, its’s a novelty for new Japan to come to America. Do you think if you put Tanahashi and Billy Gunn as a main event do you think he could ever come back? Of course not. So, with this worldwide movement, with the boost in numbers for New Japan World, somebody should tell this a*****e to think about business.


IN: I see. Afterwards, you expressed a great deal of respect to the Cow Palace venue in advance of San Francisco show.

KO: I mean of course, anyone that’s a fan of territorial wrestling; NWA, all that you’ve heard the name and that’s the square value. So, it’s really cool to wrestle there but being there is one thing but being there and contributing by being in a main event title match that’s important
To me so I thought that was really cool, especially against someone who has the family history like Cody because Dusty was a legend in that building.

IN: How did you feel being able to go there as the IWGP heavyweight champion?

KO: It was really my plan for the first with the Long beach match is to bring the match to America. So, to finally be able to do it at the legendary Cow Palace was really cool.

IN: Since last year NJPW has started a LA dojo and has continued doing shows in the United States in the USA. What do you think about these business strategies?

KO: I will admit that I think the announcer at the Cow Palace card was a little slow, it’s OK to not announce the actual match participants but I think we should have announced that there will be an IWGP title defense. So I think in the future we need to treat those events a lot like we treat our New Japan in Japan big events. If we don’t the fans kinda feel like they are being treated like second best and that’s how they treat the foreigners to begin with. If we really want to be a world-wide promotion, which is what I’m trying to do. Which is what I’ve done then we need to treat everything as one, we’re all equal. That’s another thing that differs between me and Tanahashi.

IN: In the meantime, there was an announcement that there was to be a match in, Madison Square Garden with ROH in April next year. What do you think about this competition?

KO: Yeah, uh I think people feel like in this big legendary arena that they’re going to see a Tokyo Dome quality card. Of course, I don’t know the company’s plan, I don’t know what the f**k they’re thinking. But I’m hoping that the fans are right, and I really hope we’re getting a Tokyo Dome quality card at Madison Square Garden.

IN: So, do you feel like “Please leave the main event to Kenny Omega?”

KO: If it isn’t me, it’s already a disappointment.

IN: At this point, the cards are not decided, but what kind of match would you like to show at the Walter Pyramid show on September 30?

KO: See what I hope is, I love being able to show my versatility, so my hope is that I don’t show a re-match. I wanna show a new match the fans haven’t seen yet. But whatever it is, it’s going to be the best fight.


IN: Finally, your autograph session in the USA, was not it incredibly popular?

KO: Yep

IN: Surely the other wrestlers were thinking you were on another level?

KO: Of course

IN: How do you analyze the overwhelming Kenny popularity in the USA yourself?

KO: I care about the people. The fans are my family and they understand that when I say change the world, when I’m here battling myself, when I’m giving my blood, sweat and tears. When I’m breaking my body in New Japan, I still have each and every one of them in my heart. Because I’m trying to make a world where all of us can exist together and already, just by doing that, that’s way different to what anyone else is doing here. Everyone else is wrestling for themselves. It’s their dream and there’s just a difference in strength, a difference in weight between my dreams and their dreams and just basically it’s obvious there’s a difference in talent.

IN: Looking at the success of “ALL IN”, I thought that there were many fans who would like to participate in the new movement you are progressing.

KO: It really was a worldwide movement for professional wrestling [and] everyone that wants the alternative. Especially in America, because in America especially you’re kinda forced to believe that WWE is the best. We get that a little in Japan, but their brand isn’t as strong here so everyone at all in was kinda a rally to show support for people who have a different vision.



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