Jay White and Gedo turn on CHAOS, as Gedo proclaims a ‘new era’



Jay White and Gedo turn on CHAOS, as Gedo proclaims a ‘new era’

A jam packed Kobe World Hall bore witness to a fantastic main event between Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi on September 23. Yet after Tanahashi successfully retained his IWGP Right To Challenge contract for Wrestle Kingdom 13 there was to be no celebration, Destruction ending in shocking form.

Tanahashi delivered a series of thunderous High Fly Flows to defeat Okada in a match that went past the 30 minute mark and pushed both men to their physical limits. Before either man could come to their senses after the final bell, however, Switchblade Jay White (who had beaten both Okada and Tanahashi during the G1 Climax) attacked first Tanahashi, and then, incredibly, his CHAOS leader, Okada.

White then proceeded to assault Rocky Romero, who was announcing at ringside, and take his chair, apparently to inflict further damage. YOSHI-HASHI, who had arguments with both White and Okada over the prior tour, attempted to come to Okada’s aid, but would be dealt with in short form. Bloody from the encounter, he was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Gedo would then intervene. For a second, it seemed as if the Rainmaker was playing peacemaker, and calming the situation. Seconds later, however, it would be Gedo blasting Okada with a steel chair. Although Gedo’s managerial relationship with Okada had come to an end last month, Gedo was nevertheless a father figure to the Rainmaker, and had been by his side for nearly seven years.

All that came to an end. Gedo would address Okada, calling him a ‘pathetic loser,’ before saying ‘you don’t belong in the Tokyo Dome main event anymore. This man belongs, the Switchblade Jay White!’. As boos rained down on the two in the ring, Gedo made an even more ominous statement in English: ‘a New Era is coming soon!’.

Is Gedo suggesting his new relationship with White will begin a new era of IWGP domination? Or is he perhaps implying that the two aren’t acting alone, and more may join their stead? Stay tuned to Twitter: @njpwglobal Facebook: and for news as it develops, as well as a special report on the history of CHAOS and the ramifications of Jay White’s betrayal.

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