New Japan Cup Night 5 – Full Card released!



New Japan Cup Night 5 – Full Card released!

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All matches will be broadcast live and in English on NJPW World


Night 5 of the NEW JAPAN CUP sees the 2nd round of the tournament kick off with some high profile matches!


Main Event: Tomohiro Ishii vs Taichi:

For the first time since 2010, the stone pit bull Tomohiro Ishii will face the holy emperor, Taichi in a singles match! The two wrestlers have only faced each other twice in singles matches in their entire careers and the stone pit bull has come out on top both times. Taichi, however, made the move to heavyweight last year and has since had some spectacular matches with Will Ospreay, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi. He hopes to prove his new upward trajectory is not just a fluke by advancing to the Quarter-Finals of the NEW JAPAN CUP for the very first time.

Ishii on the other hand is looking to capitalize on his success in the first round against hardened veteran Yuji Nagata by unleashing his own, vicious brand of strong-style on his opponent. Ishii is a long-term entrant of the NEW JAPAN CUP, having first debuted in the competition in 2006, however he failed to advance past the first stage last year. This match is sure to have fans at the edge of their seats!


Semi-main event: YOSHI-HASHI vs Chase Owens:

YOSHI-HASHI’s victory over Nakanishi was a hard fought affair as the “Yajin” or ruffian pulled out all the stops to make his first NJC in 6 years a successful run. YOSHI-HASHI’s tenacity and inventiveness managed to get the better of the former IWGP Heavyweight champion and he recorded his first ever win in the tournament.

Chase Owens also recorded his first ever win, however, as Chase himself would be quick to remind everyone, it was also his first ever tournament. In what some have called an upset, he defeated the IWGP US Heavyweight champion after a brutal and intense match and seems to have earned himself a shot at the title as well. Chase is not done here however and plans to go even further by beating the headhunter. With both men looking at their first ever quarter-finals, the stakes are high for both combatants to show the world that they are ready to tangle with the best.