Social Roundup: Moxley, BOSJ finals, Taichi and more



Social Roundup: Moxley, BOSJ finals, Taichi and more

The social media age has changed how we keep up with pro wrestlers and pro wrestling. Obviously the best way to keep abreast of everything in NJPW on a 24/7 basis is to follow our global Twitter and Facebook pages. Yet when following your favourite NJPW wrestlers directly, something can get lost in translation. can help get past some awkward auto-translate and give you the facts.

Jon Moxley was the center of attention this past week, for a variety of reasons; not least of which was a video posted Monday that revealed himself as the man behind the ‘Time’s Up’ videos that had been directed at Juice Robinson. Speculation abounded as to Moxley’s plans for Japan, and his plans for Juice, who he meets for the IWGP US Championship this Wednesday in Ryogoku. 

As huge a match as Moxley and Robinson is, it will be the Best of the Super Juniors final that takes center stage in Sumo Hall. At time of writing, we know only one of the two men in that main event, that being The Dragon, Shingo Takagi. To stand in the final, Takagi had to beat a contemporary and one time friend in Taiji Ishimori, admitting afterward ‘There are a lot of twists and turns in the NJPW ring, but we finally had our first singles match together. It was emotional.’

In defeat, Ishimori remained steadfast in his goal to get back to the top of his division, and angry at Takagi’s aspirations beyond junior heavyweight glory.

‘I didn’t want to lose to Takagi. Whether it’s Heisei or Reiwa, I want to be the Best of the Super Juniors, and I want the IWGP Junior Heavyweight belt. Anybody who says their focus isn’t on the junior championship is someone I have no respect for. So, tonight I lost. But I will get my revenge.’

Sadly, Ishimori would sustain a shoulder injury in his match with Takagi that has removed him from Monday’s June 3 card. This is the third casualty of the tournament, counting the foot injury that removed TAKA Michinoku from action and the fractured jaw that prevented El Desperado from starting. Two out of three injuries harming Suzuki Gun has Taichi somewhat rattled, as he posted ‘lately, people close to me are getting hurt.. what’s the deal? Does someone have a grudge? What happens if me or ‘Nobu’ (Kanemaru) get hurt? It’s nearly time (referring to his match with Ishii on June 9)’

Before Osaka Jo Hall on June 9 though,  all attention is on this Wednesday and the BOSJ finals. Moxley versus Juice and the BOSJ finals are two main events in any building in the world, but yet a third huge match this week sees Hiroshi Tanahashi’s return against Jay White. 

Tanahashi spent this Sunday training with Tomoaki Honma to get ready for his big comeback. ‘Kokeshi is happy’ says Tana, but will he still be smiling after facing the Switchblade on Wednesday?

Tune into NJPW World to find out, and check back next week for another social media roundup!