Social Roundup: Dominion fallout, G1 aspirations【G129】



Social Roundup: Dominion fallout, G1 aspirations【G129】

All the talk this week has been on Dominion, with fallout from top title matches, and some people making their desires known when it comes to G1 Climax 29.

Kota Ibushi’s Intercontinental Championship match with Tetsuya Naito at Dominion brought their rivalry to uncomfortable new extremes. Fortunately, both new and former champion were not seriously harmed during the match, but an errant headbutt did land firmly in Ibushi’s eye, prompting this swelling, and resolve from the Golden Star.

‘In 15 years of wrestling, I’ve never been headbutted in the eye. What goes around comes around. Or should I say eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? Don’t go anywhere’.

Also on the losing end Sunday was Taichi. After dropping the NEVER Openweight Championship in a fantastic event against Tomohiro Ishii, fans and pundits surmised that Ishii had brought the best out of Taichi. Now, perhaps, the self proclaimed ‘Black Saint’ might take the loss seriously, refocus, and come back as the tough fighter he has the potential to be. 

Taichi himself though went straight to the race course. ‘When I lose my matches, I win on the horses’. Taichi may need to have his gambling streak broken to make the winner’s payoff more attractive…

Shingo did pick up the winner’s purse Sunday against Satoshi Kojima, but he still felt he had work to do as he vows to enter the G1 Climax.

‘Battle of the strongest arms? My right isn’t there yet. Gotta get better…’

Despite losing in the main event to Kazuchika Okada, Chris Jericho had the last word at Dominion as he assaulted the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Hiroshi Tanahashi came to Okada’s aid before Jericho could do permanent damage leading to this Instagram threat:

Is the Ace quaking in his boots at the prospect of Jericho?

‘Last night, I took a shower and just lay down in my bath towel and fell asleep. My stomach hurts. I think it got too cold. I haven’t had a tummy ache in ages’.

Perhaps not now, but with Jericho things have a tendency to escalate pretty fast.