‘He’s started something I need to finish’ Okada wants revenge on Jericho!

One day after his successful defence of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho, a press conference was held for Kazuchika Okada to address Japanese media about the bout and Jericho’s post-match attack.

Kazuchika Okada, IWGP Heavyweight Champion

‘I’m very upset. Very angry. The match was done, and Jericho assaulted me. It was a sold out Osaka Jo Hall, and I couldn’t send those fans home happy. I’m sorry for them. But to Jericho, I’m not done and will pay you back down the road. That said, I’m still the champion and will represent as champion through Kizuna Road and the G1 Climax’

Media questions

— The post match aside, how do you feel about the match itself with Jericho?

Okada: That was absolutely a Jericho match. He has an uncanny ability to change the rhythm, think and catch you at times. He’s a great wrestler. But I don’t ever want to adopt that approach he has. I don’t respect his style. I don’t have any respect for that kind of low down fighting. He doesn’t need it, after however long he’s been in the business, in my opinion.

— Lots of wrestlers put themselves forward for the G1 yesterday. What’s your goal, going into G1 as the champion?

Okada: After the way last night ended, some people might be feeling like ‘that Okada is no big deal’. I want to put together a G1 Climax that has people say ‘oh yeah, Okada is awesome’. That’s the goal.

— After the match yesterday, Chris Jericho said he’d face you and Tanahashi in a handicap match. Your thoughts?

Okada: No need for that. I’m happy to wrestle him in a singles. I didn’t need any help to beat him yesterday after all.

–The people that did put themselves forward for the G1-Takagi, Moxley, Ospreay, KENTA- would all be first time entrants. How do you feel about new blood in the G1?

Okada: It gets rid of that ‘him again?’ feeling. When you see new names come up, it drives a lot of curiosity. Fans will ask ‘how is he going to do in the tournament?’. It does drive interest.

— Is there anyone in particular you’re looking forward to potentially facing?

Okada: Seeing yesterday’s match, I’d say Ospreay. I definitely think he was awesome yesterday.

— If you do have a Jericho rematch, would the belt be on the line?

Okada: I’m fine either way. If he wants me to put the belt on the line so I can get my revenge, that’s cool. But I feel he’s started something I need to finish.