The Social Round-up: G1 Climax Reactions! 【G129】



The Social Round-up: G1 Climax Reactions! 【G129】

Every week here on we leap into the deep waters of social networks and find out what your favourite NJPW wrestlers are really saying online without the need for awkward automatic translations. This time, with the G1 Climax entries announced, their appearance, or lack thereof is on everyone’s minds. So in a bumper edition, here we go!

Okada spent two nights in Korakuen Hall dealing with the furious vengeance of Minoru Suzuki as the King realised he didn’t make the cut. Yet if Suzuki was the 21 seed, Okada as IWGP Heavyweight Champion was number one.

‘I’m looking forward to the G1! Whoever I’m facing, wherever it is, bring on tomorrow!’

Contrasting Pre-G1 bulking diets from Tanahashi: ‘I’m hungry so I’m going to eat some protein. Just the powder. I’ve trained myself to do it lately’

And Ibushi, who posted pictures of his own pre G1 bulking feast before saying

‘Salt is the best. The peak of junk food. I’m stress free. 

The best, the only response to people who are coming to see me is to give the absolute best performance, make them as happy as they can be, with what I do in ring, and on the mic, too. 

But sometimes it’s good to be a junk food junkie.  Just need to keep it under control. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sicker after a meal in my life.’

Forget junk food or protein, Lance Archer faces Will Ospreay night one in Dallas, and may devour the Englishman as revenge for his New Japan Cup loss.

Some five months after they faced one another at New Beginning in Sapporo, when Takashi Iizuka nearly cost Tetsuya Naito the Intercontinental Championship, Taichi and Naito will be going at it again on July 15 in B Block. ‘One more time in that same place. What’s going to happen next? Maybe ‘that guy’ might show up again…’

Shingo Takagi is also excited to face Naito, and everyone in his block, writing ‘I’m grateful to NJPW for putting me in. It looks like this is going to be the hottest summer ever…’

Through all the hype, one name was conspicuous by its absence. Suzuki is promising that heads will roll for excluding him from the G1, writing

‘”The toughest tournament”, “Lion”, “King of Sports”

Don’t make me laugh. You can really say those things with a straight face? Is something wrong with your ears? Ever tried listening to what the world is calling for?’

Ominous indeed.