Zack Sabre Jr. will put his G1 spot on the line in Sendai, June 25!



Zack Sabre Jr. will put his G1 spot on the line in Sendai, June 25!

Zack Sabre Jr. will be defending his British Heavyweight Championship on June 25 in Sendai against challenger YOSHI-HASHI on the final night of Kizuna Road 2019. After repeated demands from YOSHI-HASHI and the agreement of Zack Sabre Jr., it has been decided that Zack’s G1 Climax 29 position will also be up for contention.


Since it was announced that the two will be competing in Sendai for the British Heavyweight championship, the two have been going back and forth in spectacular fashion. During the main event elimination match between CHAOS and Suzuki-gun on June 17 in Korakuen, Zack and YOSHI-HASHI were the last two men in the ring. YOSHI-HASHI managed to get the victory for CHAOS by throwing Zack over the top rope and eliminating him. Afterwards, YOSHI-HASHI grabbed the microphone and dared the British submission master to put his G1 spot on the line as well, turning the title match in Sendai into a qualification match for the G1 Climax.


Furthermore, during the main event in Kuki, on June 19, YOSHI-HASHI once again demanded that Zack put his G1 Climax spot on the line, this time addressing him in English. Addressing YOSHI-HASHI himself on the microphone, Zack also seemed up for the challenge, speaking about his feelings on the matter backstage. Check out the report of last night’s events for the reason why he accepted such a challenge!


This will be the first ever G1 Climax entry spot challenge in NJPW history! Make sure you don’t miss out!