NJPW Southern Showdown in Sydney: Report and results



NJPW Southern Showdown in Sydney: Report and results

The second night of the the Australian tour took place in Sydney, where a delighted local crowd got to see the strong style of New Japan Pro-Wrestling for the second year in a row.

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Match 7: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Will Ospreay defeated BULLET CLUB (Jay White, Bad Luck Fale & Robbie Eagles) when Ospreay pinned Eagles

Meeting again just one night after their epic clash the night before, the personalities of Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles loomed large over the match. Whilst BULLET CLUB interfered in the match as usual and attempted to isolate the Junior Heavyweight in the tag team, as is their want, they found a more difficult task than usual in Ospreay. Okada and Tanahashi did well as well, once again performing a combination vertical brainbuster on Fale. However, this was again a fight between Eagles and Ospreay primarily and Ospreay again emerged victorious after a stormbreaker.

After the match Jay was incensed, having lost both his matches on his “home turf” through no fault of his own, he stormed the ring and laid out Ospreay with a steel chair. Eagles, however disobeyed White’s order to join in the assault, instead deciding to defend Ospreay and ultimately Eagles announced he was joining CHAOS.

Read more about Robbie Eagles’ defection to CHAOS.


Match 6: Tomohiro Ishii defeated Toa Henare

The current NEVER Openweight champion could be said to have had a slightly easy time in Australia, having not been paired against any of his upcoming opponents in the G1, but the Maori warrior was determined to make sure this was not the case. A hard-hitting, ruthless battle between two ensued and a series of brutal and very painful looking chops echoed around the arena. Lariats, head-butts, rugby tackles and power bombs were exchanged as the two went hell for leather, but it was ultimately Henare that succumbed first, having put up a brave fight against the stone pit bull. Strong style is evidently not dead yet.



Match 5: Juice Robinson, Mikey Nicholls & Toru Yano defeated BULLET CLUB (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Gino Gambino) when Yano pinned Gambino

In a match nobody in the building realistically expected to play out in a sportmanlike manner, Yano took centre stage as the crowd favourite, despite his underhanded tactics of removing the turnbuckle and grabbing Tonga’s hair. An amusing scene which saw each of the men take Jado’s kendo stick from each other (Juice from Jado, Tonga from Juice etc.) until Gambino was caught red handed. As the referee went to admonish Gambino and remove the stick, Yano hit Gambino with a low blow and rolled him up.


Match 4: Chase Owens defeated Aaron Solow

Chase Owens showed considerable technical skill in his match with Aaron Solow, executing a series of very well executed thrust kick counters. When Solow seemed to get the upper hand, Owens was able to hit a power bomb on him and every attack from Solow seemed to play into Owens’ hand. Solow was strong however and continued battling until a package piledriver from Owens ended his hopes of victory.


Match 3: Jack Bonza defeated Mick Moretti

In a match between two PWA regulars, Bonza and Moretti, the two impressed in a New Japan Ring for the first time, the latter in particular showing good technique. Moretti was able to pull off a well-executed suicide dive and a flying cross body to the outside from the turnbuckle. Ultimately, the veteran Bonza was able to win with his signature vertical-drop falcon arrow.


Match 2: Rocky Romero defeated Tony Kozina

The first bout in what would be a very good night for CHAOS, saw Romero defeat Fale Dojo trainer and veteran of the Australian Wrestling scene, Tony Kozina in a difficult match for Romero. Although Kozina dominated Romero for most of the match, it was Roomero who won through the use of his arm-bar, which had been honed throughout the Best of Super Juniors 26 tour.


Match 1: Michael Richards & Andrew Villalobos defeated Tome & Steve Filip when Richards pinned Tome Filip

All four men fought hard and wrestled well in the opening match, with Tome Filip being the stand-out wrestler out of the four men. However, it was he that ultimately lost the match, being submitted by Richards after a Boston Crab