The Social Roundup: Japan to the World



The Social Roundup: Japan to the World

NJPW’s international summer is well and truly underway. Coming up there’s the Dallas G1 opening day, before the rest of the G1 Climax travels around Japan. From there we head back to the US for the Super J-Cup, and then on to London for Royal Quest. 

Before all those dates though, this past weekend saw the stars of NJPW fly out to Australia and the UK. 

Southern Showdown rocked Aus for two nights in Melbourne and Sydney. For Hiroshi Tanahashi, some slight inconveniences when it comes to maintaining the Ace’s healthy diet:

‘I brought a salad, but there’s no fork included,’ remarked Tana, leading Henare to suggest using a ‘New Zealander’s fork’. Once fed, the Ace was loving Australia. Air guitar is one thing, but when in Australia? ‘I’m cuddling an air koala right now’ 

Okada was getting into the Australian spirit as well…

Meanwhile, members of Los Ingobernables De Japon were in the UK as part of RevPro’s ‘Ungovernable’ event.

Shingo Takagi remarked that he could ‘feel the history’ around Manchester:

Meanwhile, back home, Kota Ibushi had a significant day; his 15th anniversary in the wrestling business. 

‘Today marks 15 years since my debut. I can still vividly remember how painful, how tough that day was.

The feeling I had that moment I walked through the curtain the first time hasn’t changed. I never thought I’d still be wrestling after 15 years, and I’m truly grateful. 

Now, I plan to be wrestling for a century, so I’ll be giving it my all for 85 more years!’ 

Ibushi’s first match of the rest of the century is against KENTA in Dallas, and will no doubt be a focus of the Social Round-Up when we return next time!