The Social Round-Up: G1 marches on 【G129C】

G1 Climax 29 is in full swing, and with one match coming after the next in the toughest wrestling tournament in the world, it’s no surprise that G1 is the talk of social media, not just among the fans, but the wrestlers themselves. 

One of the biggest results of the tournament so far was in the main event of Monday’s Hokkaido card, Taichi scoring a huge victory over Tetsuya Naito. Shortly before the match, Taichi taunted: ‘To borrow your turn of phrase, Naito, I really enjoy wrestling you. In more ways than one… How’s it going to go? In the same place as before, in the main event just like before. More than just a G1 match…’

Taichi wasn’t the only one victorious in Sapporo, as Shingo Takagi also walked out with the first G1 Climax victory of his career. It wasn’t for lack of trying on Toru Yano’s part, however, as the Sublime Master Thief attempted to steal a victory by luring the Dragon outside, and improvising an obstacle course to try and stop Takagi from breaking the referee’s 20 count. Said Shingo ‘This guy is just too villainous…’

While Shingo and Taichi left Hokkaido victorious, two big players in the G1 are still without their first win. Zack Sabre Junior was perhaps over confident before facing Kazuchika Okada on night three in Ota:

and would pay the price, deciding instead to win the G1 and take the ‘long way’ to an IWGP Heavyweight Championship match. 

Ibushi was much more positive after losing to KENTA and then EVIL in his block matches but emerging victorious from his tag bout with Liger against a Young Lion team of Tsuji and Umino in Hokkaido.

‘Two losses in a row. Harsh. I’m being asked if I can hang in the G1. It isn’t about hanging or not. All I’m thinking about is victory. 

Come at my left foot as much as you like. I don’t need it. I learned a lot from my match today. 

Come at me until it breaks… In fact not even then. A break is a start. Ligament pain feels pretty good. 

I’m not running away, I’m not losing, I’m not quitting, and I’m never betraying myself!’

Then there’s Suzuki, now part of the G1 tour but only bringing complete silence to the backstage comment area, and terrifying violence to the ring. After his match in Sapporo, Suzuki commented: ‘Hm. A little bit more…. Just a little more…’ Of what? Until what? We’re scared to find out.