On sale today! EVIL & SANADA “changing sequin” T-shirts!【G129】



On sale today! EVIL & SANADA “changing sequin” T-shirts!【G129】

It took a while to get them just right, but New Japan Pro Wrestling’s first “changing sequin” T-shirt are now available for purchase today!

Since these shirts will be a limited run of stock, make sure you get yours as soon as possible from the Tokon shop online store, the Tokon Shop in Suidobashi or from venues during the G1 climax.

  • Sales at the Tokon Shop in Suidobashi will start at 14:00 today
    (Please note that the release may be delayed depending on delivery.)

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■ EVIL Changing Sequin T-shirt

■ SANADA Changing Sequin T-shirt

Size: S, M, L, XL
Tax-inclusive price: 4,500 yen each

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is coming out with these innovative new “changing sequin” designs at the personal request of both EVIL & SANADA
Stroke the sequins up and down to change between two designs; full color calavera style and black silhouette style!

The EVIL version is suitably DARKNESS-colored with a purple theme and a design that features a pair of scythes!
The SANADA version is based on his new blue look and has a vivid design that reflects the latest style!

When cheering-on the two wrestlers, we recommend that you do so either with either a flashy “calavera style” or a chic “silhouette style”!
* There is no back print.
* Please read the following usage precautions carefully before purchasing.



▼ Usage notes
・ If the sequin part is stroked up and down, the design will change from a full-color calavera style to a black silhouette style.
・ For sewing reasons, the fabric on the front surface is difficult to stretch, so it may feel tighter than the indicated size.
・ Repeated washing and wearing may cause the sequined print part to peel off gradually or the pattern to shift.
・ If you feel discomfort in your skin, avoid direct irritation such as wearing an undershirt.
・ This material may stain other clothing and underwear when it gets wet, including general friction during whilst wearing (especially friction when wet), sweat or rain.
・ Take care not to damage the sequins or touch people, pets or objects around you.
・ Use warm water of 40 ° C or less to gently wash the printed parts and sequins.
・ Chlorine bleach cannot be used.
・ Ironing is not possible.
・ Dry cleaning is not possible.
・ Do not use a tumble dryer.
・ When using a centrifugal dehydrator, do so for a short time and dry it with a hanger or clothes-drying basket in the shade.

▼ Dimensions
S size: Length 65㎝ Width 4741 Shoulder width 41cm Sleeve length 19cm
M size Length 68㎝ Width 50㎝ Shoulder width 43cm Sleeve length 20cm
L size Width 71cm Width 53cm Shoulder width 46cm Sleeve length 21cm
XL size Width 74cm Width 56cm Shoulder width 49cm Sleeve length 22cm

5.6oz 100% cotton