Notice about official social media accounts



Notice about official social media accounts

With fans getting their NJPW news, and getting in touch with wrestlers themselves through social media sources, it becomes important to know what sources are official accounts, and to be careful of imitation accounts. Below is a list of official company Twitter accounts to follow. Please note that all official NJPW company accounts are verified with a blue check on Twitter.

Note to fan accounts: we are deeply grateful for the efforts of the fan community to bring news, opinion and creativity connected to NJPW to the world at large. However, to avoid confusion between fan accounts and official news sources, we would appreciate if users refrained from using the NJPW Lion Mark as their profile picture, or using easily confused variations on official user names. 

NJPW official accounts:

NJPW (English) @njpwglobal

NJPW (Japanese) @njpw1972

NJPW Sales Department (Japanese) @njpw_nyao

NJPW World (English/Japanese) @njpwworld


Wrestler accounts can be found by looking at each wrestler’s profile page. Please be wary of accounts posing as wrestlers who are not on social media. Profile pages are periodically updated to reflect social media changes.