The Social Round-Up: Shocking Revelations



The Social Round-Up: Shocking Revelations

The social round-up is normally a light-hearted look at the week in New Japan online discourse, but sometimes shocking news breaks online and when it does, we have to be there with the hard-hitting journalism you deserve. 

We can’t independently verify this shot posted by Satoshi Kojima (with a looming threat no less) but it does seem to portray a Hiroshi Tanahashi, having returned from the UK Monday afternoon after his match with Zack Sabre Junior at Royal Quest, possibly, dare we say, A Bit Tired. 


When Tanahashi asserted that he was not in fact tired on his return to Japan (not having been tired for a moment since his birth), Kojima posted the shocking candid snap, stating that ‘If this gets 1000 retweets, that’s proof that you’re tired’. Having more than doubled his goal, the scandalous baked goods booster went on to taunt ‘Checking up, and I can’t stop shaking. He is absolutely, certifiably ‘Tired’! Thank you for your co-operation’. 

One might forgive SHO for being on the tired side after a demanding couple of weeks. The Roppongi 3K star went from Super J-Cup appearances on the west coast straight to London, where a Powerbreaker to Ren Narita gave the win to himself, YOH and Rocky Romero. Just before Royal Quest, SHO marked his 30th birthday, tucking into a salad in his hotel room. This prompted Kazuchika Okada to announce a major party for his CHAOS compatriot. He even picked a venue:


‘Happy birthday! All of CHAOS for a party at SHO’s place later!’

Hirooki Goto declared he was definitely up for the house visit, but SHO’s current abode isn’t quite ready yet:


‘I’d love you to come! But this happened before, and I still don’t have places for everyone to sit. I’ll buy some chairs when I get back to Japan!’

The NJPW stars are now back in Japan for the Road to Destruction. The Young Lion Cup is a major part of the Destruction tour, and the Tokyo based Young Lions are all preparing in their own ways. Yuya Uemura is hitting the waves:


‘Good morning. I’m surfing today. I’ll do my best not to drown’

Yota Tsuji is hitting the protein:


‘These Muscle Noodles for dinner after training today! One pack has 20g of protein!’

And Shota Umino is hitting some sweet sightseeing pic poses:


It all gets serious starting Wednesday however, as eight Young Lions start a grueling league running up to Destruction in Kobe on September 22. Who will emerge on top? 


‘I’m back in Japan after Super J-Cup and Royal Quest. Next is the Young Lion Cup. I plan on giving it all I have to go undefeated. I’m looking forward to your support’.