Super Junior Tag League update: Day 8

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Titan & Volador Junior (2-1) vs El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2-1)

As the Super Junior Tag League reaches its midway point, things are starting to get crowded at the top of the league table. Six points is the pace being dictated at the moment, and that’s the goal both teams here are looking to reach in order to set themselves up strong for the remainder of their campaigns. 

Giving Titan and Volador Junior somewhat of an edge is the knowledge that Kanemaru is at least beatable in a singles environment; during Best of the Super Juniors this year, Kanemaru heavily worked over the luchador, but came out on the losing end of Immortal. 

It says ‘tag’ on the marquee for this tour, however, and in the tag environment, Desperado and Kanemaru are tough to beat. Volador Jr. knows this all too well; last year during the tag league, he and Soberano Junior were polished off fairly convincingly by the Suzuki-Gun tandem. After the first two victories in their campaigns saw Volador and Titan score pins on Young Lions in the form of Uemura and Connors, there may be some unkind speculation that higher ranking competition could result in a crash. That’s an impression these two will be looking to overturn and then some.