Incredible Matches Highlight Week One of World Tag League!

Full World Tag League lineup reveals some intriguing league matchups

World tag League teams revealed!

Check out the World Tag League schedule!

The full lineup for the World Tag League, which kicks off in Fujisawa on November 16, has been revealed, and there are some hugely exciting matches taking place in week one! Check out our schedule page for the full lineup, but here are our matches to look for from nights one to five!


Fujisawa Nov.16: Henare & Tanahashi vs GBH! Tencozy vs Takagi & Terrible!


In the semi-main event spot on opening night in Fujisawa, fans will see an intriguing battle pitting GBH against new combination Toa Henare and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Henare and Makabe teamed together in Honma’s absence the last two World Tag Leagues. Now GBH are back and looking to secure their third league. The dynamic between Henare and his two opponents should be thrilling to watch here. 

Earlier in the night, Shingo Takagi and Terrible meet Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima. Back at Dominion on June 9, Takagi wrestled Kojima in a hard hitting bout that ended in the Dragon announcing he would enter the G1 Climax. Now the two strongest arms in wrestling collide once more, but Kojima and Tenzan’s teamwork will be a lot to overcome for Takagi and Terrible. 


Korakuen Nov.17: LIJ vs LIJ! Suzuki-Gun vs Suzuki-Gun! 

The top two matches in Korakuen Hall November 17 present a pair of intra faction matches that will provide unmissable action. The main event sees SANADA and EVIL take on Los Ingobernables De Japon teammate Shingo Takagi and Terrible. LIJ members seem to enjoy fighting one another almost as much as they enjoy teaming together, and this should be an ultra competitive match.

In the semi-main event, Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer face Taichi and Zack Sabre Junior. Last year, Taichi and ZSJ’s match with Suzuki and Takashi Iizuka was one of the most thrilling of the entire league. Suzuki and the Murderhawk Monster Archer look impossible to deny, but will they be outwitted by ZSJ and Taichi?


Korakuen Nov.18: Cabana & Yano vs Archer & Suzuki! BULLET CLUB derby!

Speaking of smarts, Colt Cabana and Toru Yano will have to muster all the smart tactics they can in order to not just defeat, but survive Lance Archer and Minoru Suzuki on the second night of WTL’s Korakuen double header. Yano has long been a thorn in Minoru Suzuki’s side, and he and Cabana may just think fast enoughto let Archer know that everyone dies, but not tonight. 

Also on November 18, two BULLET CLUB teams meet as Yujiro Takahashi and KENTA face Bad Luck Fale and Chase Owens. For these four men, loyalty to the Club comes above all else, but two points is a tantalizing prize. Who will gain the upper hand? And how?

Fukushima Nov.19: Taichi & ZSJ vs GoD! YOSHI-HASHI & Ishii vs Cabana & Yano!

In Fukushima on November 19, Taichi and Zack Sabre Junior take on IWGP Tag Team Champions the Guerrillas of Destiny in the semi-main event. Last year in Osaka, the IWGP Tag Team Champions took down the Suzuki-Gun combination. Can Sabre and Taichi regroup in 2019?

Also on this card Colt Cabana and Toru Yano take on Tomohiro Ishii and YOSHI-HASHI. Three members of CHAOS in one match is one thing, quite another is the fact that former tag champions Ishii and Yano are now on opposite sides. Despite Yano’s best devious efforts, Ishii was victorious over the Sublime Master Thief when they went head to head during the G1 this year. Will the result be any different when Yano has Cabana for backup?

Yamanashi Nov.21: GoD v KENTA & Yujiro! GBH v Tencozy!

Rounding out our first week of WTL action in Yamanashi, the IWGP Tag Team Champions Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa meet KENTA and Yujiro Takahashi. With GoD getting involved in KENTA’s NEVER Openweight Championship win in London earlier in August, and KENTA returning the favour throughout the Destruction tour, these two teams are used to working together, but now face off with two points at stake.

Two venerable teams in GBH and Tencozy face off early in the evening. What will happen as Tenzan and Kojima continue their quest to return to prominence, and GBH look for their third WTL win after a three year absence?