Strong Style Shopping: Tokyo Dome Part 2 (Dec. 18, 2019) 【WK14】

The Road to the Tokyo Dome tour starts tomorrow, but in truth the road to the Tokyo Dome truly kicked off last week as we unveiled the latest merchandise (including a certain set of pantaloons that went viral) from NJPW. This week sees even more awesome & innovative goods going on sale as the hype and excitement continues to grow for the year’s most anticipated Pro-Wrestling event!


For all the latest New Japan goods, check out the New Japan Shop site (now in English!)




Zack Sabre Jr. – Replica Track Jacket – ¥7,500 (incl. tax)

Based on his iconic ring gear, Zack Sabre Jr. liked this replica track jacket so much, he started wearing it to the ring during World Tag League! An absolute must for any fan of the British Submission Master, this official replica jacket is made from only the highest-grade materials.



Wrestle Kingdom 14 – SOUL SPORTS T-shirt – ¥3,500 (incl. tax)

As we enter the 20th year of our partnership with legendary brand Soul Sports, we’re collaborating on an awesome new T-shirt. Simple, yet striking, this T-shirt is a must for any NJPW fan with an eye for fashion!



Wrestle Kingdom 14 – Double Gold Dash T-shirt – ¥3,500 (incl. tax)

Commemorate the historic Double Gold Dash with this special commemorative T-shirt! Featuring the 4 wrestlers competing to grab double gold at Wrestle Kingdom 14!



Kazuchika Okada – Rainmaker Tee – ¥3,000 (incl. tax)

This latest Okada T-shirt plays off designs from the past to create something unique and awesome! Make sure to grab yours as soon as possible because supplies will be limited.



Kota Ibushi – Phoenix Sports Towel – ¥3,000 (incl. tax)

This beautiful towel from the Golden Star, Kota Ibushi is decked out in Sky Blue, Royal Blue and White. Kota Ibushi’s new sports towel is a classy addition to any gym bag.



Hiromu Takahashi – “TIMEBOMB GOES BLOOM!” Tee – ¥3,500 (incl. tax)

The Timebomb goes Bloom! Hiromu’s new Pop Art inspired T-shirt is fitting for the radical free-thinker. His wrestling is as revolutionary as his idols in the art world. Besides, have you ever seen Andy Warhol do a 450 splash? No? We didn’t think so…



BUSHI x LIJ Tee (White & Navy) – ¥3,000 (incl. tax)

En serio! L.I.J! BUSHI’s new T-shirt plays off his famous catchphrase with a new twist!



SANADA – “Grasp” Tee- ¥3,000 (incl. tax)

COLD SKULL Grasps the light of Hope! With SANADA’s fans lighting the way, can he finally grasp Kazuchika Okada in 2020, or will he keep searching for the light in the new decade?



LIJ – Day of the Dead Hoodie- ¥6,000 (incl. tax)

Our most popular Halloween 2019 design is now an awesome hoodie! Don’t miss out on your chance to represent LIJ in the new year with this great design!



Kazuchika Okada – Nylon Jacket (Cement & Tropical Pink) – ¥6,500 (incl. tax)

Not even the rainmaker wants to be caught in a downpour! Stay dry with this stylish, practical (and a little ironic) raincoat courtesy of Kazuchika Okada!



Jay White –  Replica Necklace – ¥2,800 (incl. tax)

Now you too can get the chance to wear Jay White’s iconic necklace with pride with this awesome accessory! 



Storm Collectibles – Jyushin Thunder Liger Action Figure – ¥8,580 (incl. tax)

Lovingly rendered in high-quality materials this collector’s item is the ultimate prize for any fan of Jyushin Thunder Liger!



Hello Kitty x NJPW – “Retro” Tee (Navy) – ¥3,500 (incl. tax)

Hello Kitty is taking us back to the past with a very retro T-shirt. Don’t miss out on this cute new design!



Hello Kitty x NJPW – “Retro” Long-sleeved Tee (Black) – ¥3,800 (incl. tax)

This new collaboration with Hello Kitty is perfect for staying cute & fashionable in the cold months ahead!



BULLET CLUB Metal Smartphone Ring – ¥1,800

Need to make sure you’re representing the club whilst making sure your smartphone doesn’t fall over? Look no further than the BULLET CLUB SmartPhone Ring!



Daryl XL – ¥8,800 (incl. tax)

Daryl’s big brother, Daryl XL, is here and if anything he’s even more cute. Only a limited run of these plus-sized plushies are on sale, but could more be on the way?