KENTA attacks Goto at Wrestle Kingdom Press Conference! 【WK14】

NEVER title match set for January 5 at the Tokyo Dome

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At the Wrestle Kingdom 14 press conference in Tokyo on December 9, KENTA and Hirooki Goto came to blows before their NEVER Openweight Championship match on January 5!

Hirooki Goto’s statement

(KENTA) ruined the title match I had in Osaka on November 3. This punk went on to ruin the Tag League while I was entered with Karl (Fredericks). Now it’s time to pay the price for his crimes. On January 5 at the Tokyo Dome, this is supposed to be a NEVER Championship match, but I won’t be thinking much about the title when I beat the hell out of that man. That’s it. 

KENTA’s statement

Well, he just talked a bunch of hot air, and I have no clue what the hell he said. Some crap about teaming with Karl . But to talk about this, this title match, honestly a year ago I didn’t think I’d be in this position at all. So to stand in the ring in the Tokyo Dome itself, I’m honestly happy to be in this position, and since I will be there, I’ll make sure to defend this title while I’m at it. 


Questions from press

–How do you assess KENTA as a wrestler?

Goto: Well…

KENTA: What right does he have to assess me as a wrestler?

Goto: I don’t know whether this counts as assessment, but he’s talked about putting his pro wrestling life on the line by coming here to NJPW, but I haven’t seen one bit of that. I’d like to see him do that. Until he does, he has no right to say anything, and I can’t assess him as a wrestler.

KENTA: You have no right judging me in the first place.

–KENTA, how do you assess Goto?

KENTA (sarcastically): Well, he’s a firey young lad who’s learned a lot and I’m sure he’ll continue to grow. So I hope he’ll apply himself and…

Goto: Oh, shut up!

KENTA:… he’ll go far. Who knows where he’ll be in, oh, 20 years? Maybe he’ll become a big star.

–Goto, your thoughts on KENTA’s backstage comments lately?

Goto: That goes back to what I’ve been saying. You see that junk and do you think that he’s putting his life on the line coming here?

KENTA: Maybe you’re not watching with a serious eye before you shoot your mouth off. 

Goto: First and foremost it’s about being in the ring-

KENTA: ‘First’ and after that?

Goto: Show me what you have in the ring-

KENTA: I’m showing you. And-

Goto: Well I’m not seeing a damn thing!

KENTA: I’m showing everyone, but this idiot doesn’t watch my matches. But if he applies himself, maybe someday…

Goto: Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?

The press conference ended here, but before official photos could be taken, KENTA hit Goto with the NEVER Championship belt.

KENTA: Here’s your photo shoot, everybody get a good picture. What the hell are you talking about? You want to see me put my life on the line? I’ll show you putting my life on the line, punk. 

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Wrestle Kingdom 14 will air LIVE and in English on NJPW World!