‘Are you taking the p***?’ ZSJ’s press conference tirade to SANADA 【WK14】

Zack Sabre Junior and SANADA have a hot tempered press conference as their British Heavyweight Championship match is made official for January 5.

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December 9’s Tokyo Dome press conference made official a British Heavyweight Championship match for January 5 at Wrestle Kingdom 14 night two in the Tokyo Dome. Zack Sabre Junior and SANADA were each supposed to leave a statement for the press before taking questions but Zack Sabre Junior abruptly launched into a tirade on seeing SANADA’s ‘disrespectful’ fashion choices.


Zack Sabre Junior’s ‘statement’

You’re taking the p*** mate. White trousers? For real? What an absolute joke. I had my last match four days ago. On the sixth! I had to waste my time in Hiroshima! ‘Oh, Zack-chan, why did you attack SANADA backstage?’ Because I had nothing else to do! You’re taking the p*** aren’t you. Who tapped you out, Seiya? Seiya? Oh, sorry, SANADA-san. I did. New Japan Cup last year. When did you tap me out? Because I tapped you out New Japan Cup 2018? When was that Seiya? Oh you didn’t did you?

(To the press) I’m not trying to be funny. This man is wearing white jeans. You’re very handsome, but even you can’t get away with white… and a white T-shirt? Is this a joke to you? I’m not blessed with the physique you are so I have to dress in black, and here you are in white. You just lost the World Tag league after winning it two years in a row. Are you happy?

What have you done? I’ve represented British technical wrestling for the last 15 years while you have dressed like a ‘GQ’ model. I’ve put my entire life into this championship. This title represents technical wrestling. What is NJPW now? You talk about Strong Style and some other chodes talk about British Strong Style. I am British Strong Style! I am Strong Style, the very structure of technical wrestling! Where is Inoki now? I’ve got his chin. I am technical wrestling and I will die a technical wrestler, but I’m not dying yet.

You’re blessed with the best physique in professional wrestling and you’ve done nothing with it. I’m basically a wet noodle, and look what I’ve done. I’m a noodle man, and yet I’ve achieved all I have as one noodle strand. You, you should be Mr. f***ing Olympia and yet you’re losing the World Tag League. 

(To reporter) Are you from GQ? The fashion rags? What industry do you work in? Are you taking the p***, mate? Go on, p*** off. Wrestling? For real? I will make sure your press pass is revoked. And I will make sure your children won’t have preferential treatment in their future studies, and will have to wait for longer with their lunch pass. They’ll have to wait until last after all the other kids eat. You work in the professional wrestling press industry?

(To Master of Ceremonies Kiyono) Why are you here? You upset me just being in my general environment. P*** off, get out. So you, the reporter. You’re trying to tell me you work in this professional wrestling industry, which is alarming because you are a buffoon aren’t you? 

(ZSJ walks off)

SANADA’s statement

Zack was thinking about wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, and he was thinking about who the best possible opponent for him would be. That’s SANADA. No mistakes in the booking there.


Questions from press

–Do you have any particular desire for the British Heavyweight Championship, or is the match with Zack most important?

SANADA: The belt isn’t really interesting to me, but I want to face Zack. 

–Through the G1 as well, you’ve faced him a lot, but to face him now, in the Tokyo Dome will be a chance for something different again?

SANADA: I’d say so, yes. the belt isn’t something I’m too concerned about.

–Zack attacked you before you could comment backstage last night. Can you speak to your loss with EVIL last night? 

SANADA: The loss is behind me now, so I want to reset. 

–Zack talked about your fashion choice today…

SANADA: Well… I came straight here from Hiroshima. A suit’s a bit heavy so I just came in a jacket.

–Any response to Zack’s words?

SANADA: Well, he was a bit weird, wasn’t he? i don’t know what got into him or if he had something to drink beforehand, but I’m not really bothered by any of it. 

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