World Tag League Winners FinJuice confront GoD at Wrestle Kingdom press conference! 【WK14】

Will face GoD on January 4 with IWGP Tag Team Championships at stake.

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At a press conference on December 9 in Tokyo, Juice Robinson and David Finlay made their challenge to IWGP Tag Team Champions Guerrillas of Destiny official after winning World Tag League 2019.

FinJuice’s statements

Finlay: Well, we won the tag league, which means we get a shot at the titles at the Tokyo Dome. That’s where we find out who the best team really is. Plan and simple.

Robinson: Last time I did one of these press conference I talked a big game and then lost the US title. So I’ll keep it simple. Debbie explained it pretty well. We won these (trophies), we want those (belts). It’s pretty simple.


GoD’s statements

Loa: Congrats to Juice and Finlay on winning the trophies last night, but this is their first time in this rodeo, and we’ve had the belts how many times now? We’ve been tagging for the past three years and one tournament gives these guys the right to challenge us in the Tokyo Dome? There are a lot of teams with that right to challenge, but they’ve won those trophies. So good on them. They get to challenge us on the biggest stage in professional wrestling, so that’s our gift to them. Merry Christmas. 

Tonga: I’ll give it to them, they had a hell of a match last night and they’re a hell of a team, but I don’t think that tournament means anything. We’ve held these titles all year. That’s a hell of a gauntlet we’ve run, and they’ve gone through one, one month tournament. Well hats off to them. They’ve won something we never have. But we are five time champions.

Another thing that’s crossed my mind is we’ve never won a match in the Tokyo Dome. One year, we ran the tournament and then another team came in and put themselves into our match and stole it from us. So I don’t know how credible this tournament is, but here we go again. We’ll go at it at Wrestle Kingdom. I think these guys are real lucky. Juice has already had a partner this year that we squashed in Australia, and now he has a new partner that’s been injured most of the year. He came in and they won? That’s real lucky. So come Tokyo Dome, we’ll show you how bad we can get and why we are five time IWGP Tag Team Champions. 


Questions from press

–FinJuice, you lost to GoD during the tag league. What are you mindful of from them going into this match on January 4?

Finlay: They’re champions for a reason, and they’re a tough team to beat. You honestly have to have your heads on a swivel to face them, so we have to watch a lot of their matches and see if we can find any holes in their game.

Juice: I think it’s pretty obvious that we have to keep an eye on the Master Heater (Jado) with his kendo stick. Obviously me and Finlay have a different style to these guys. They’re badass dudes who like to play it rough outside the ring, and we like to keep it inside. So we have to play them at our game and stay out of theirs.

–What do GoD have to look out for from FinJuice?

Loa: (long pause)I dunno. We won against them already. So I guess we watch that match, see what helped us win, and then repeat.

Tonga: Yeah, same gameplan. Maybe watch that match of theirs last night, because that final match surprised me. They pulled out some tricks, but we all know tricks are for kids. 

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