Get all the action of Wrestle Kingdom 14 and New Year Dash!! on FITE! 【WK14】

FITE to offer live streams January 4,5,6.

There’s nothing like the excitement of Wrestle Kingdom, all the more so when it’s the biggest Wrestle Kingdom of all time! Add New Year Dash!! to the mix, and we have three huge days of wrestling action. 

You can catch all the action atmosphere and excitement of Wrestle Kingdom and New Year Dash!! live and in English on NJPW World, but we’re excited to give viewers as many options as possible to view these epic events.


FITE TV will be presenting all three nights live! Using the FITE app across a huge range of devices, FITE presents an ideal way to experience Wrestle Kingdom for those just getting into NJPW, or experiencing the events on the big screen for a three day Wrestle Kingdom party! 

Each event costs $24.99 on FITE, with a bundle pack offering January 4,5 and 6 for just $49.99!


January 4-6 Full Pack:$49.99

January 4: Wrestle Kingdom night 1: $24.99

January 5: Wrestle Kingdom night 2: $24.99

January 6: New Year Dash!!: $24.99