How to get around the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom! 【WK14】

An easy step by step guide to navigating the pinnacle of strength and birthplace of legend!

For those traveling to Japan for the first time to take in Wrestle Kingdom, all the excitement can make navigation fairly daunting. There’s nothing to worry about! Finding your way to the building, getting merchandise and picking up your tickets couldn’t be easier, and we’re here to show you how!


Fans can take in this comprehensive video guide to Tokyo Dome navigation, but if you’re pressed for time on the day, here’s what you need to know!


Once you’ve made it to the Dome, the most important thing is getting your tickets! If you’ve purchased inbound tickets from e-Plus, you will need to register, and if you haven’t got any tickets yet, there may still be some available. The place to do it all is GATE 22.

To the right of the gate is the event-day ticket booth (look for the green and blue sign, with the English TICKET. Event day tickets will be sold at the front of the booth (left of picture). Remember, you don’t need Yen, as major international credit cards are accepted!

e-Plus ticket purchasers will need to head to the window to the right of the picture. 


Make sure you bring your e-Plus confirmation email and Photo ID with you when you pick up your ticket. ID must match the name of the ticket purchaser.



Want to get merchandise before the event? There are several options open to you! The recently re-located NJPW Shop is a stone’s throw from Suidobashi JR station, though it’s expected to be heavily crowded on both days of Wrestle Kingdom. Tokyo Dome Gate 15, the closest gate to Korakuen Station will have a limited selection of popular items, and merch stands inside the Tokyo Dome will have a similar selection. 

Far and away the best choice for merchandise is the main goods stand directly opposite Gate 22! Here you can make your purchase from our huge selection of Wrestle Kingdom merchandise. Even with this huge area, heavy crowds are expected, and there is no re-entry to the Tokyo Dome once admitted. Check out our merchandise guide to make an informed decision beforehand!



Ibushi v Okada, White v Naito, Hiromu v Ospreay getting you fired up? Only have tickets for night one, but desperately want to make your Wrestle Kingdom complete?

Tickets will be on sale for night two January 5 before and after the matches on Jan.4. The ticket windows to the left of the merchandise area, near the information desk is where you’ll need to go (again, look for the English TICKET sign). 

There are seven windows offering different services here. Jan.5 tickets are available from WINDOW 1. Make sure you line up at the right window! 

You should now have everything you need to witness the Pinnacle of Strength and Birthplace of Legend at the Tokyo Dome! We can’t wait to see you there!