NJPW Concurso Results: Best Body 2019! 【WK14】

SHO scoops the honours as first ever NJPW Concurso winner 2019. 

This year, Hiroshi Tanahashi brought CMLL’s bodybuilding contest concept to Japan with the first ever NJPW Concurso. After a lot of talk on social media, the top ten best bodies of NJPW can now be revealed and are as follows!


10. Henare

  • Henare displays a combatant’s perfect body; designed to fight rather than simply look shredded.
  • A perfect balance of athleticism and size.


9. Yota Tsuji

  • Look at those pecs!
  • Hunky, yet cuddly. 
  • Rather than living as a gym rat, Tsuji’s gains seem to be made in the ring and through everyday activity. 

8. Yuya Uemura

  • Wins the young Lion best body battle.
  • The ideal Young Lion bod: he’ll only continue to grow!

7. YOH

  • A unique approach to proceedings!
  • Even fully clothed, YOH still looks jacked!

6. Ryusuke Taguchi

  • Absolute model of manliness.
  • Relatable figure.
  • Best ‘one-pack’. 

5. Hiroshi Tanahashi

  • The pinnacle of wrestler’s strength. A perfectly balanced body.
  • Perfect symmetry, and perfect balance of strength and size.
  • Incredible shape, and this man is in his 40s!

4. Taiji Ishimori

  • Incredible back muscles.
  • Insane abs.
  • Crunch 300 times a day and you wouldn’t get close to Ishimori!

3. Pieter (winner of the Hiroshi tanahashi sepcial award!)

Hiroshi Tanahashi’s comments: ‘A work of art! I wanted to do this bodybuilding contest for the wrestlers, but Pieter has to work every bit as hard on her body as any of the wrestlers do. She always looks amazing, and maintaining her… assets must be incredibly tough’

2. Kota Ibushi

  • His body shape fits his style in the ring; perfectly balanced.
  • No wasted mass, purely sculpted for success.
  • He didn’t just work towards this contest, he puts the work in all year round on his body.
  • Look at the traps! Look at the delts! In the best possible way, Ibushi isn’t human.


  • Insane musculature
  • Incredibly vascular.
  • Is there an ounce of fat on him?
  • His legs are as ripped as his upper body.

With that SHO is the winner of NJPW’s first Concurso! You can bet winner SHO, special award holder Pieter, and everyone else in this contest will be trying their best to look just as amazing at Wrestle Kingdom!