First ever autumn G1 announced as 2020 schedule is first revealed

Big events in Japan for 2020 highlighted by the first ever autumn G1 Climax

In a special video airing during Wrestle Kingdom 14, the first wave of big events on the NJPW schedule were revealed, with some huge announcements. 

Among dates already on the docket for 2020 were February 1 & 2 in Hokkai Kita Yell for New Beginning in Sapporo, followed by February 9’s New Beginning in Osaka, this time on the bigger stage of Osaka Jo Hall. On March 3 we celebrate 48 years of history in Ota City Gymnasium, followed by the New Japan Cup, which reaches its climax in Nagaoka on March 20 & 21. 

The New Japan Cup winner will likely reap big dividends at Sakura Genesis, which returns to the NJPW calendar on March 31 in Ryogoku Sumo Hall. Entering the spring, we go back to Kagoshima and Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni, a new event for this year. We then go to Wrestling Dontaku for two events in May, before Best of the Super Juniors, which will reach its climax June 6 in Ota.

The summer will get underway on June 14 in Osaka Jo Hall for Dominion. Normally, this leads into the biggest tournament of the summer, the G1 Climax, but for the historic G1 Climax 30, we will be running through the autumn for the first time ever! It all comes to a head on October 16-18 at the G1’s spiritual home of Ryogoku. 

These are just the first of several big announcements to come for NJPW in 2020- and not just in Japan! Stay tuned for some big news to drop in the near future!



New Beginning in Sapporo・Hokkai Kita Yell・Feb. 1 & 2 2020

New Beginning in Osaka・Osaka Jo Hall・Feb. 9 2020

48th Anniversary Event・Ota City Gymnasium・March 3 2020

New Japan Cup Finals・Aore Nagaoka・March 20-21 2020

Sakura Genesis・Ryogoku Sumo Hall・March 31 2020

Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni・Kagoshima Arena・April 29 2020

Wrestling Dontaku・Fukuoka International Center・May 3-4 2020

Best of the Super Juniors 27 Final・Ota City Gymnasium・June 6 2020

Dominion・Osaka Jo Hall・June 14 2020

G1 Climax 30 finals・Ryogoku Sumo Hall・October 16-18