NJPW teams up with APPLEBUM & Isetan in new collaboration!



NJPW teams up with APPLEBUM & Isetan in new collaboration!

For a limited time only, NJPW is teaming up with popular brand APPLEBUM to deliver some high-quality goods from one of the most exciting brands in modern Japan!

We are also teaming up with the high-end department store Isetan and graphic artist Tadaomi Shibuya, well known for his international collaborations.

These premium collaboration goods are a must for any fashion conscious New Japan Pro-Wrestling fan!

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* These items are only available from the Isetan Online Store
* Available until Wednesday, February 12, 10:00
* Delivery date: Depends on location

* Ships internationally – Japanese site


■ Tadaomi Shibuya
Illustrator / ArtistBorn in Yokohama, TADAOMI SHIBUYA has a background in Product Design, gained from Tama Art University, Tokyo.Tadaomi Shibuya is best known for his personal style of reconstructing images using straight lines and faces that are inspired by broad range of motif. Shibuya’s unique style has led him numbers of creative projects including GIVENCHY’s emblem design in 2008 and overall visual directing of NIKE AIR JORDAN CP3.IV in 2011. In 2012, Shibuya’s RG3 illustration of Redskins was introduced on a special edition of The Washington Post. Shibuya also worked for JORDAN BRAND in 2014 and designed a memorial T-shirt celebrating Michael’s Slam Dunk Contest win back in 1988. Shibuya has introduced his works through private exhibitions at hpgrp Gallery Tokyo and WeSC GALLERY PARIS in 2009, and participated many collaborating exhibitions in London, NY, LA, Taipei and Bangkok. His artistic expression keeps evolving across time, places and genre.

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A brand started in 2005, born and raised in Japan. Just like hip-hop was born from roots music, he is taking his sense of being born and raised in Tokyo, a major Asian metropolis, into creating fashion. This street style is inspired by hip-hop and contemporary Japanese youth culture, and has proved popular with many fashionistas.