The Social Round-Up: Grappling with time off

NJPW wrestlers have different approaches to time away from the ring.


As schedules continue to be impacted by the ongoing global situation, NJPW’s wrestlers have taken different approaches to being inside, and waiting for a quick, safe return to action. KENTA, for one, enjoyed a birthday of late. A special greeting from YOSHI-HASHI suggesting he treat himself to some T-shirts was greeted with extreme, and possibly disingenuous, zeal. 


‘Woah, wait a second! This is amazing! The man himself! Th- thank you. I love your metal pole thing. It’s cool as. Please make a ‘pole’ T-shirt.’

Keen inspection would reveal that YOSHI-HASHI’s latest T-shirt does indeed depict a pole on its back, leading to another response:


‘Oh man, oh man, oh man! I’m actually talking on Twitter to the guy that hangs out with the pole! Thank you, ugl- I mean, YOSHI-HASHI! Did you take that picture in the mirror? I don’t know what the English next to it means, so I’d love a shirt that just has the pole, please.’

Well, maybe for Christmas. 

Another recent birthday boy came from the Third Generation, Hiroyoshi Tenzan celebrating his birthday, prompting Satoshi Kojima to give a little insight to their relationship:

‘Tenzan-san is 49 years old today. He’s half a year younger than me, but we would have been in the same year at school. Even so, he got into the business a year before me, so in this world, he’s my senpai. Even now, I address him using -san. Not in the ring though. Anyway, happy birthday’

Ryusuke Taguchi has been posting some nostalgic pictures from the archives of late, delivered via friends at Tokyo Sports newspaper. Presented for ‘all 69 of my fans’, this pic from Wrestle Kingdom 6 certainly displays one way to handle social distancing eight years on, but it’s quite a wonder that he was able to make it to the ring with the helmet misted up like that. 


As the current global situation develops, everybody is ultimately itching to get back to the ring, something brand new YouTubeer Hiromu Takahashi accurately surmises. 

While the LA Dojo has been getting creative in different ways, as illustrated by… whatever this is.


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