Wrestle Dynasty bumper stickers on offer for lucky pre-sale registrants! 【WD1】【NJoA】

Get on the literal road to Wrestle Dynasty with one of 100 limited bumper stickers being given away!

EDIT: Wrestle Dynasty has been postponed until 2021, but the sticker campaign will continue until May 11, making these rare collectors items!

The pre-sale mailing list for Wrestle Dynasty has seen an incredible response with thousands of people signing up to be a part of the action in The World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden. Even in the wake of Wrestle Dynasty’s postponement, we still invite fans to register their interest, and if you have already registered, you do not need to sign up again.

The road to Wrestle Dynasty is now a little longer than initially planned, but we hope that our fans get on it: literally! To celebrate the pre-sale campaign, we’re giving away Wrestle Dynasty bumper stickers to 100 lucky fans who register before Monday night at midnight on May 11.

Again, if you’ve already registered for pre-sale, you’re automatically entered into the random drawing with no need to register again!

Pre-sale registration link: 

* Codes will be emailed near the pre-sale date. Enter the code into the pre-sale website to buy your advance tickets. 


Madison Square Garden, New York NY

TBD 2021

Ticket prices (includes $6 facility fee. Ticketmaster may charge a separate handling fee not included in the list price):

Balcony C: $26

Balcony B: $46

Balcony A: $66

Stand C: $86

Stand B: $106

Stand A: $156

Floor B: $156

Floor A: $206

Ringside B: $306

Ringside A: $506


Details on participating wrestlers and match card to follow.