The Social Round-Up: Social Media Distancing

NJPW’s top wrestlers continue to work through social distancing and disease control measures. 

As the global Coronavirus pandemic has continued, NJPW’s wrestlers have continued to spread a determined and positive a message as possible, even away from the ring. No translation is needed for Hiromu Takahashi’s message, which is sage advice indeed. 


For Hiromu’s LIJ teammate Shingo Takagi, a message of resolve:


‘It’s the start of a new academic and financial year. The world’s in a state of flux. But I’ll hang in there, until we can beat this invisible enemy and fight in the ring once more.’

Satoshi Kojima has been following the ‘stay home’ advice by doing the sensible thing and watching ‘My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler’ on NJPW World:


‘I watched My Dad Is A Heel Wrestler on NJPW World. It’s a nice, easy to understand story, and I’m in it for all of two seconds (lol). Tana is actually an amazing actor! For real! It surprised me. I’m just thankful I could be a part of it. Take the chance to check it out!’

Ryusuke Taguchi played the despicable Bluebottle Mask in My dad Is A Heel Wrestler. Taguchi has his own talents, ones that El Desperado recognises (at least in a backhanded sense). Responding to Desperado’s Japanese smart phone site interview, Taguchi remarked

‘He called me a talented pervert. that’s what it said when I ran it through a translation app. Talented pervert. Damn, that sounds cool…’

Lost in translation? See the full context when Desperado’s interview comes to the English site in the coming days!


If there’s anyone to send a virus into submission, it’s Minoru Suzuki, who responded to a wave of cancellations across pro-wrestling with the following:


‘There’s been lots of ups and downs, but I’ve stayed in this game for 32 years. Bankrupt companies, broken friendships, debts, physical boundaries, bad times, pent-up aggression: I’ve lived through it all. I’ve survived through Showa, Heisei and into Reiwa. Minoru Suzuki is not done!’

‘I want a match! I want to wrestle! As times change, I change with them. If you survive, you evolve. . Now is a time to evolve. Ah! I want to wrestle’


This led to some incorrect machine translation, which drew The King’s ire: ‘Why do I have to correct wrong Google translation? Japanese has some pretty difficult turns of phrase, granted. But to translate ‘not done’ into ‘done’.. Sort it out. Ha, ha, ha.’

That’s the kind of misunderstanding this column seeks to continue fighting! Until next time, Stay healthy!