Strong Style Shopping: May 15, 2020

May is upon us and the weather is warming up in Japan! As NJPW continues to shelter in place, we’re not easing up on our weekly merch offerings! This week sees some awesome new releases such as a full range of NJPW socks, a Hiromu Takahashi towel and a brand new waist bag for all the fans of the junior division!


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■  YOH – Five Star Tee – ¥3,000

YOH latest design is a collaboration with fashion brand API Custom and its lead designer Ryuta Matsushima. Don’t miss out on this stylish design! 

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■  BUSHI Baseball Shirt – ¥5,000

Oh my gosh!
BOSJ may be off but you can get this brand new BUSHI Baseball Shirt right now!

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■ IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Belt Waist Bag  – ¥3,500

Get your own Belt-san!
BOSJ may be cancelled but you can become a champion instead with the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Belt Waist Bag!

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■  Hiromu Takahashi Sports Towel – ¥3,000

Wash your hands!

The new Hiromu Takahashi towel is now available to purchase on the Japanese Tokon Shop! Wash your hands in style with this awesome new towel!

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■  NJPW Socks – ¥1,000

These embroidered socks are the latest in NJPW’s growing underwear line! Look stylish whilst staying at home with the offical NJPW Sox collection.

Size 25cm – 27cm


Lion Mark (Black & Yellow)

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Lion Mark (Blue & Beige)

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Bullet Club (Black & Gray)

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Bullet Club (Black, White & Red)

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L.I.J (White & Red)

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L.I.J (Black & White)

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L.I.J (Black & Red) – Currently restocking

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Big size! BULLET CLUB ERA T-shirt now available in sizes up to 7XL! – ¥4,290

Rep the club no matter your size, now our big & tall fans can rep the club in this awesome camouflage design!

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