Strong Style Shopping: June 5, 2020

June is here and with the summer months ahead of us, NJPW are bringing out a brand new line of “cool towels” to help fans around the world stay cool in the summer heat. We also saw the release of a Unione T-shirt, one of the top jr heavyweight teams of the late 00s, which proved so popular, the entire pre-order sold out in 24 hours!


About limited re-opening of Suidobashi Tokon SHOP

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■ Lion Mark T-shirt (Black & White) – ¥3,000

This classic design has been worn by NJPW wrestlers since 1978! Celebrate the return of the TV program World Pro-Wrestling to Friday night primetime with this classic design!

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■ EVIL – King of Darkness Tee – ¥3,000

Embrace the darkness with EVIL’s new design. Everything may be evil, but this T-shirt is even more evil than most!

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■ Lion Mark Cool Towels – ¥1,500


Stay cool in the summer heat with this Lion Mark cool towel! Simply soak in water, wring out the excess and you can stay cool even in the hottest weather!


Star version:

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Blue version

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■ Taichi & Milano Collection A.T. – Unione T-shirt – ¥3,000

Once a beloved fixture of the Jr. Tag division, Taichi and Milano Collection A.T. have since gone their separate ways and their relationship is now strained to say the least! Now thrust back together by a NJPW World special program, celebrate the past with this limited edition T-shirt!

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