Strong Style Shopping: June 12, 2020

New Japan is Back!  🎉🎉🎉

To celebrate the return of the Lion to ring, we’re bringing a huge number of new pre-order items including some items released today to the Tokon Shop Global! Celebrate our long awaited return to the ring with a little present to yourself or loved one in the form of some NJPW merchandise!


About limited re-opening of Suidobashi Tokon SHOP

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■ KENTA – Go 2 Sleep Club (White) – Â¥4,000 (Limited stock left)

This summer only, grab this limited edition version of KENTA’s awesome Bullet Club T-shirt. That is if you can get your hands on it, this awesome T-shirt almost completely sold out in only a few minutes of being on sale!

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■ Katsuyori Shibata – LA Dojo Tee – Â¥3,500

The man they simply call “The Wrestler” is never one for excessive frills, taking his no-nonsense approach to his merchandise as well as his fights. This version of the LA Dojo Lion Mark shirt is now available with Shibata’s signature font.

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■ L.I.J Entrance Gat Curtains (Red & Black) – Â¥4,000


A few weeks ago we came out with a set of LIJ Entrance Gate curtains. They were so popular that we have only a few left. Now you can check out this Red & Black version which is also available on the Tokon Shop Global until June 22!

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■ Fashion Center Shimamura releases new line of NJPW items!

Leading Japanese affordable apparel brand, Fashion Center Shimamura, have come out with a brand new line of affordable, fashionable and practical merchandise for the NJPW fan in Japan. If you happen to be in Japan this month, be sure to make your way to one of the many Shimamura stores around the country and grab these amazing deals.


Lion Mark T-shirts – Â¥890


Lion Mark T-shirt & Shorts set with tote bag- ¥1,500



Plus-sized T-shirt & Shorts set -Â¥1,500