Strong Style Shopping: June 19, 2020

The New Japan Cup is now underway and we’ve seen some fantastic wrestling in our first few matches back. As we approach mid-summer’s day here in Japan, we’ve made our brand new range of official action figures available for pre-order to our fans worldwide. Read more about it here!

Also coming out are some brand new items on the Japanese Tokon Shop, take a look below at the list of latest releases.


About limited re-opening of Suidobashi Tokon SHOP

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■ L.I.J Cookie Tins – ¥1,300

What could be sweeter than victory in the New Japan Cup? How about some cookies?!
Lion Mark, BULLET CLUB and L.I.J cookie tins are now available from the Japanese Tokon Shop and the Suidobashi store!

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NJPW Pencil Cases – ¥1,200

Check out these awesome pencil cases! Once you eat the 7 cookies inside, you can use it at school or work!


Lion Mark Pencil Case

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BULLET CLUB Pencil Cases

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L.I.J Pencil Case (Black & Red)

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L.I.J Pencil Case (White & Black)

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NJPW Greatest Hits VIII – ¥3,000

Enjoy the latest NJPW entrance themes as well as some fantastic remixes from this year’s double dome.

1. Hiroshi Tanahashi’s theme – LOVE & ENERGY 2020 Ver.
2. Kota Ibushi ‘s theme – Golden☆Star 2020 Ver.
3. Hiromu Takahashi’s theme – TIME BOMB – Reignintion-
4. Jon Moxley’s theme – DEATH RIDER
5. SHO’s theme – 100% Voltage
6. G.O.D’s theme – G.O.D (Firing Squad)
7. Jay White’s theme – Switch Blade 2019 G1VTR Ver.
8. David Finlay’s Theme – ROCK’N ROLL
9. DOUKI’s Theme – DOLOR
10. Takashi Iizuka’s Theme (Retirement VTR) “against rules – the last of madness”
11. KENTA’s Theme (During the 2019 G1 Climax) – OVERTURE
12. Young Lion (LA Dojo) theme – YOUNG LION LOS
14. 2019 Super J cup THEME

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